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  1. Halloween Props
    Here is my Animated Levitating Teapot prop ... a real crowd pleaser. Complete step-by-step instructions in the video.
  2. Halloween Props
    Hey Everyone! I have searched everywhere I can think of for ideas, but, I return to the masters. I have a 4' chain link fence the I need to disguise for Halloween. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Halloween Props
    Most of my props are hand painted or airbrushed, so I spend lots of time on the details. I use several different materials, latex, plaster, styrofoam, cloth, etc. depending on what I'm making. I make them mainly for outdoor display so I need the colors to hold out for as long as possible. I know...
  4. Halloween Props
    Is there any liquid latex that doesn't cost an arm & a leg...& the other arm & leg? I'm wanting to make a few custom molds & brush on latex seems pretty straight forward. I've searched all over & the stuff is not cheap. However, I am. If anyone knows of any deals or sales on liquid latex please...
  5. Halloween Props
    I've always hand painted my more detailed pieces & props but I've decided to switch to airbrushing. I think it will be a better fit for me. I design & build static art & props. Most are displayed outdoors at some point so I have to make sure they are fairly sturdy without sacrificing any detail...
  6. Halloween Props
    Years ago I made a prop, that for whatever reason I now have no pictures of (My photo hard drive did crash earlier this year). I've got most of my photos back - Yay! Anyway.... when we had our Halloween parties/haunts we went with a different method each year to distinguish who was a guest and...
  7. Halloween Props
    My sister and I both LOVE Halloween. She is always on the look out for items I can make into props and she is my go to for makeup and latex work. She works at a large national grocery chain and brought home this item and sent me pictures. The good news is it folds flat for now, but what can I do...
  8. Halloween Props
    I have a freshly carved cemetery sign made from styrofoam (left over from our tombstones), and had the idea of carving/painting it to look like wood with an old, peeling layer of paint. In my mind, I've gone through a procedure that I think might do the trick: First, prepaint the major parts of...
  9. Halloween Props
    This is my latest prop , a skeleton gardener tending her monster flowers and pumpkin patch. If you like please subscribe. http://youtu.be/Y8nvu8XjC-g :D
  10. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, Just stumbled on the forum here so I thought I'd join up. Nice place you've got here. So anyways, My name is Steve, but most just call me SK. Ive been into Halloween and decorating for close to 30 years. About 2 years ago, I started getting back into it after a "several years long"...
  11. Halloween Props
    here is a prop that can be used virtually anywhere. I'll post pics up shortly, if anyone expresses intereset in it. Materials needed: any doll (made of soft plastic) 1 nail a source of heat, must be hot enough to melt plastic (a blowtorch is a good thing) A sturdy working table So this is what...
1-11 of 11 Results