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  1. We've revamped one of our first props.

    Halloween Props
    Okay, So this pneumatic jumper was one of the first props i built and is even my avatar. The first version actually started life as a bicycle pump and had a few revisions in between. Before last halloween we decided it was time for a full overhaul so that we wouldn't have to touch it again and...
  2. Octobanger Driving me crazy (Noob)

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, new here and a total noob to the electronics of arduino. So i ordered all the pieces for the octobanger prop controller with an 8 channel relay. I downloaded firmware, connected pir & relay module pins 2-9 on the uno ( chinese special) to IN1-IN8 on relay with a gnd and a 5v to VCC...
  3. Prop controller lot - 3 nerve centers

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Sorry already sold. Can't figure out how to delete post.
  4. Electronic/Software: Octobanger Not Playing Entire Sequence

    Halloween Props
    I've programmed my Genuine Arduino Uno with a SEEED Studio 4-Relay Shield with the Octobanger software. In the video, I watched on youtube from Mike he said you can get up to 5 minutes of time for your sequence and up to 500 frames. My sequence is a little over 30 seconds with 172 frames and it...
  5. DMX Prototyping Shield PCB

    For Sale By Merchants
    Here's my Arduino DMX Prototyping shield! Perfect for building your own prop controllers. https://www.tindie.com/products/Eyeballs/arduino-dmx-proto-pcb/ It's the PCB only, you'll have to provide a few additional components yourself. A detailed bill of materials is included, with a footprint...
  6. Electronic/Software: DMX Prototyping shield

    Halloween Props
    Here's a prototyping shield for the Arduino I developed: It's a very simple circuit, a very basic MAX485-based receiver. I decided to use RJ45 connectors because I use a cheap USB-to-RS485 adapter, wich has an RJ45 connector, and it works with standard network cables. On the next version...
  7. Pneumatic: Groundbreaker zombie fail...help!,,

    Halloween Props
    I tried to build the popular pneumatic groundbreaker zombie and failed to get it running. Granted I didn't give myself enough time to troubleshoot, etc. for this year but I'm hoping you guys can help me get it going for next year. Here's the scenario. I built the frame, etc per case fear...
  8. Pneumatic: Which prop controller is the best for beginners

    Halloween Props
    Fellow prop builders - I am looking at building my first pneumatic ground breaker but I have no idea what kind of prop controller to buy. :confused: Or may be there is an all in one DIY package that I can purchase. I would like some flexibility but hope the "experts" on this forum can provide...
  9. MonsterRemote v1.5.2 now available

    General Halloween
    This week I got kind of bored so I figured it would use my developed ruby on rails skills to update the MonsterRemote to version 1.5.2. The MonsterRemote is basically a smartphone/tablet/computer enabled device that can remotely control a MonsterShield Prop Controller. Now there's an app for...
  10. Developing a new Prop Controller and MP3 Player - Looking for Feedback

    Announcements / Press Releases
    I developed a Wi-Fi based automation and remote controller for the electronic hobbyist last year through a Kickstarter campaign. I recently used it as an animation controller for a couple of local events, and received several inquiries about using it to control haunt props. It can directly...
  11. Nerve Center from Monster Guts for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    ******SOLD SOLD***** I have a Nerve Center from Monster Guts for sale. This is a great controller to use with your animations. Payment can be sent to my email - [email protected] through PayPal.
  12. New prop controllers released by Animated Prop Systems

    For Sale By Merchants
    Animated Prop Systems has just released 2 new prop controllers - the PC2 (2 relays) and PC4 (4 relays). These are are "key banger" style controllers but they also have a built-in MP3 audio module which allows you to record your relay actions while the CD-quality audio track plays and then plays...
  13. FS: picoBoo 103S & picoFX 115 controllers

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    That's all, folks! A huge thanks to every person who purchased from my stock of Fright Ideas goodies. Good luck this year on your projects & have a Happy Halloween!
  14. FS: Fright Ideas picoBoo FI-104 Prop Controller SOLD

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD! Up for sale is a somewhat new (collected dust for a while) picoBoo FI-104 prop controller. I've had it for a year or two but never had a chance to use it. Now I need the money for other projects. :) These go for $90 new (plus S&H), so I'm asking $70 shipped w/ power supply...