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  1. Electronic/Software: Inexpensive MP3 Player!

    Halloween Props
    In my quest for finding a reliable MP3 player that wasn't theft-prone (like the knock-off iPods all over eBay) but also wasn't super pricey, I stumbled upon this...
  2. Other: Larger Diameter Pool Noodle

    Halloween Props
    I found these new larger diameter pool noodles at the Christmas tree shop. They are $1.69 and they fit over a "regular" pool noodle. They are great for shoulders or where you need some built-up biceps. They are good for legs, too! Not only that, if you have some left over, it makes a great...
  3. [Hardware Wars] The AD Project

    Off-Topic Stuff
    As I mentioned over in post #61 of Frightshow's BB-8 thread, The AD Project is one of the things I'm doing for DragonCon 2016 that has been distracting me from Halloween stuff. See, when I go to Dragon Con, I'm always seeing various members of the R2-D2 builders club with their droids...
  4. Static: Eyeball Bath gets an upgrade (wip)

    Halloween Props
    After a few years with a simple jar, I decided this year my eyeball bubbler needed a fancier treatment (too many years of admiring steampunk artifacts, I guess) Here's the old one: and here's the new one in its general form: The main jar is now a 2 gallon canister instead of 1 gallon. It...
  5. CONTEST: Win $900 of stuff from FrightProps and Instructables!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Is it $900? Or is it more? Whatever it is, it's a ton of stuff! All you've gotta do for your chance to win is enter your Halloween prop/decoration into this contest: http://www.instructables.com/contest/halloweendecor2015/ We're giving away the following prize pack to the Grand Prize winner...
  6. Mechanical: New Build 2015

    Halloween Props
    I am not going to say what it is just yet, see if you can guess :D Step 1 - Motor 12V DC geared motor, 10 rpm The mounting holes don't go through like I figured so mounting is going to be a little messy. I found an old and mangled drill bit extension shaft that I can attach, and perhaps epoxy...
  7. Static: I have a prop idea, was wondering if anyone has done it before, or seen it anywhere.

    Halloween Props
    I know I’m cutting it close but I really have not had the time this year. I had an idea for a 3 day max (hopefully) build of a static figure body who's holding a butcher knife in one hand (ala Michael Myers) and is standing in front of a BBQ with his freshly severed head on a spatula over the...
  8. Static: Madame Leota Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    Just finished her last night! Big thanks to Dan Murter!
  9. Prop Showcase: My Christmas Reindeer to Werewolf Prop Hack

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I wanted to share my first prop build here on Halloween forum. It was for a contest from Haunt Nation Magazine called “Hack a Christmas Prop”. I had read about people hacking Christmas props for Halloween props and was intrigued since I knew nothing about motors or animatronics at the...
  10. The Crazies / Quarantine theme! HELP!!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Thinking of doing a Crazies/Quarantine themed party this year. It will be a walk through starting in the garage leading out to the backyard. Any ideas? Props? Scare zone ideas? ANYTHING??
  11. Static: Monster Mud questions, coments, and concerns!

    Halloween Props
    I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Beloved tombstone by Terra (I'd post a link but this is my first thread, so I'm not allowed to haha) This beauty has been a HUGE inspiration for me this year! Needless to say, I've been dead-set on making one of my very own for my graveyard this...
  12. Finally signed up

    Member Introduction
    I don't know why it took me so long, but here I am. I'm Jay. I was born on October 29, two days too early. People ask me if I get tired of Halloween-themed birthdays. I usually stare at them and walk away mumbling dark things. Professionally, I do graphic design and publications coordination...
  13. Hi...I'm new. LOVE this website and all the great ideas and tutorials! Thank you!

    Member Introduction
    I'm new to all the Halloween decorating but I found this website and it has kicked off a new passion...Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Terra for the great tutorials and everyone for the great ideas! I did my first tombstones this month and I keep adding one each week. They are great fun but lots...
  14. One Step Closer to a Career as a Mad Scientist

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Well, I made something in the garage that uses electricity and I managed to not kill myself or burn the house down. Score one for me! I have two great stacks of styrofoam sheets that are waiting to be made into tombstones. I also was able to find these even larger sheets of styrofoam at another...
  15. Electronic/Software: Prop Effects: Lighting Creature Eyes

    Halloween Props
    This is not a tutorial -- I have a new flexible foam prop that I developed. I want the eyes to light up on activation and also to add a dimming effect. I would like to know if anyone has any experience doing something like this? My plan is to embed a 1" diameter, spherical casing with an LED...
  16. Static: Quick and Cheap Coffin Creep

    Halloween Props
    I made a coffin from scrap wood for the cemetery a couple of years ago. I have since turned it into a hiding place for my fog machine and fog chiller. I have always thought that it was a waste not to have some kind of corpse or something inside it; but the fog machine and fog chiller occupy...
  17. Static: I Decided to Give My Minion a Hand... and an Arm

    Halloween Props
    My minion is busy building his first styrofoam tombstones. He is very excited to put them in the cemetery. One of his tombstones' epitaphs describes the fate of a man who was buried alive. He wanted to have an arm reaching up from the grave in front of this tombstone. I slapped together a...
  18. Teaser Alert!

    Halloween Props
    Spent a few quality hours out in the garage melting some PVC and killing some brain cells. More to come...
  19. Prop Showcase: cemetery fence 2.0 is a go.

    Halloween Props
    The first day of October was warm and sunny. I spent a few hours with my minion finishing the assembly and painting of the last four or five cemetery fence sections. We got the fence set up and in place. Next Saturday we will tackle the fence finials, lantern hangers, and maybe the fence...
  20. Happy October 1st!

    Ahoy mates, Flying the Jolly Roger! May thee wind be at yur sails...