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  1. Atmosphere Effects: Audio for my AtmosfearFx

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, first post here! I have always been a big fan of Halloween. Over the last 5 years I have gotten into really decorating my yard, but in a nice creepy way....not the blow up crap I see in the neighborhood. So in addition to the normal stuff I do, I purchased a few of the AtmosfearFX sets...
  2. Window Projector Reality Check

    Halloween Props
    I keep seeing posts about buying projectors for window animations, and wanted to add my dos centavos worth on buying them because I see a lot of what I think is bad information. I started doing projections three years ago. I've done them in a bedroom window and in our dining room. I project the...
  3. Lighting: Low cost projections for hologram?

    Halloween Props
    I ordered one of the projectors someone on this site recommended. Now I need something cool to project through it. All the files/dvds I am finding to project are expensive? Anyone have any low cost alternatives? I want to set up a projection on my windows up until Halloween, then I want to...
  4. Other: Projector input

    Halloween Props
    Hi, this halloween I plan on running three projectors around the house. Two will be projecting onto the windows of the house while the other will be having a go at projecting images onto a suitable scrim in the garden(yard). I just wondered the best way to supply the image to the projectors, I...

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello Folks: As you may know, Video Projection Illusions are growing in popularity, because it's so easy to do. Since I never really know "who remembers what"….FYI: I released a highly detailed How To series, Projected Reality. Volume 3 I began giving away for free in a number of situations...
  6. *New* Discovery Wonder wall projectors for sale-$45 for 2!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi everyone, I have 2 discovery wonder wall projectors for sale. 1 has never been opened and the other I opened and turned it on to try it out. It was then that I realized that I want I higher lumens for my outdoor application. I also realized that this does not have a laptop jack either...
  7. Jon Hyers New DVD Website, and Free How To's coming

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hello Everyone: With my webmaster retiring to write Children's Books, I was forced to Learn how to do websites, and in a few months I created this!! HA HA HA http://www.virtualfxvideo.com Which is a shopping carted website for Jon Hyers Visual Effects aka Outrageous Media, and features...
  8. Electronic/Software: under $200 pumpkin projector?

    Halloween Props
    i know you are all thinking not another projector thread! But i thought this might be a great deal as to me it seams to be a GREAT projector for under $200!!! for those that do pumpkin projectors will this projector work...
  9. Projectors for sale or trade

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have 4 mitsubishi ES100U projectors I purchased from a surplus auction, 2 work and 2 need bulbs, which can be purchased from Amazon at around $45.00 for a generic lamp. $50 for each working projector, $10 for each that needs a lamp. Will also consider a trade. Can ship, or pickup from...
  10. Lighting: Schools as possible source for used equipment - projectors

    Halloween Props
    A friend recently picked up an Epson SVGA res. projector at the local community college equipment sale. She paid the grand sum of $25.00. They had all kinds of items and equipment, including laptops, computers, monitors, projectors, sound equipment, etc. You might want to check with your local...
  11. Help Please - Recommendations For singing pumpkins projectors

    Halloween Props
    I am looking to add the Singing Pumpkins to my yard haunt this year. With all the younger TOT'er's I think they will get a kick out it. I have been searching the forum and reading all the different posts about the projectors. Since the Singing Pumpkins is not needing to be Cinema Quality, I am...
  12. Pyle Projectors on Woot - 18 March 2015

    For Sale By Merchants
    http://electronics.woot.com/plus/pyle-projectors-accessories-2?ref=cnt_wp_6 Get 'em while they're hot! :D
  13. Electronic/Software: Really lost on projectors - please help

    Halloween Props
    I have loved Halloween since I was little and always go as big as we can afford each year and this year is no exception. I want to take our haunt to the next level with a spooky projection either in a window or directly on the house but I know NOTHING about projectors except the fact that they...
  14. Electronic/Software: Pumpkin Patch Animation

    Halloween Props
    Last year I finally decided to jump into Halloween decorations. I was inspired by the singing pumpkins found at Disneyland inside the Haunted Mansion. I know this is from last year but I just joined the site. This year I'm not adding anymore animation but instead working on some faux stone...
  15. Electronic/Software: Projector Recommendations

    Halloween Props
    I have been looking at the animated/singing pumpkin animations that people use with their projectors. I have absolutely no experience with projectors and I'm not great with electronics (thankfully my husband is tech savvy and can figure things out)! I'm not looking to spend very much, I realize...
  16. Lighting: Crappy Projector Throwdown comparison - with Pictures

    Halloween Props
    My crappy (thrifty?) projector rundown. I've had a couple of projectors for a few years and used the Hallowindow DVD and downloads which have worked great. This year however, I won't have as much manned support for the big night, so I decided to do a bit more projection to help out. What...
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  18. Atmosphere Effects: Pirate Hi Rez DVD- projector

    Halloween Props
    I really want to purchase the pirates DVD from Hi Rez Designs. However I have no idea what type of projector or any thing else I need to achieve amazing results. I have read through the projector threads in this forum but there is so much there it is a little overwhelming. Does anyone have this...
  19. Halloween Projectors - AWESOME DEAL

    For Sale By Merchants
    We have Holiday Projectors that can be used for Halloween, Christmas, July 4th, Birthdays, and many more occassions. 4 different types of projectors: Animated Movie Projectors, LED Projectors, Super Bright Holiday Projectors, and Moving Images Projectors. These are indoor/outdoor projectors that...