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  1. Projector kit $25 + shipping 9/19/18

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    https://www.improvementscatalog.com/virtual-holiday-projector-kit/outlet/holiday-outlet/375653 $49.97 half off with code MM8W686. Shipping was $9.95 to California. That code takes half off anything in Outlet, there are some nice Skellington items and other gadgets in there as well. Expires...
  2. Cheap and Easy Tombstone Projector Disquise

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    It seems that Halloween haunt video projections are everywhere now. What was just a few years ago only seen in high end commercial haunts or Disney and similar attractions are now available to the average home haunter like me. From fun and entertaining singing pumpkins (my personal favorite) to...
  3. Electronic/Software: Attention digital projection whole home projection experts

    Halloween Props
    I have a line on what I think will be a good projector to do a full home projection. It is 340 Canadian for this model.....Benq MX850UST This is my first time trying to do a whole house projection so if you have experience doing this and you don’t think this projector will work please let me...
  4. Halloween House Projection Mapping

    General Halloween
    We're planning on Harry Potter themed front porch this year. We've got a short throw projector that we've used for scrim based window/door projections. Does anyone have any experience with projection mapping? :confused: What I'm wondering is, how should we handle the placement of the...
  5. Large reasonably priced cauldron and outdoor projector?

    General Halloween
    Does anyone know where I can get a pretty large plastic cauldron that isnt super fake? I want to make a cat bed out of it. Also, any idea of a reasonably priced outdoor projector that has falling leaves? Need one for a wedding. Thanks yall
  6. Mechanical: Projectors Outside

    Halloween Props
    Hey all! So I want to add a little spectre fun to my cemetery this year (love to have some little ghostie flitting about the tomb stones.) but am not sure how to keep my projector protected from the elements and maybe secure from taking an unauthorized walk. (I live outside Portland, Oregon so...
  7. Walmart 2018 halloween

    General Halloween
    I saw some new 2018 halloween inflatables here’s the pictures.
  8. Projector tips for outdoor use with a high level of ambient light?

    General Halloween
    Hi everyone! I'm looking into the idea of using a small projection as part of my setup this year, but as I'm in Australia I need to allow for the fact that the bulk of TOTs will be coming by while it's essentially day time. I love AtmosFEARfx's 'Jack O' Lantern Jamboree' but I'm not sure what...
  9. Projectors

    General Halloween
    I am new to HF but have been haunting the neighborhood for years! I want to add some effects with animation via a projector and wonder if anyone is doing this and, if so, what projector you are using, including any limitations. I don't know yet if I will want to project on a window from inside...
  10. Amazon Waterproof Projector

    Halloween Props
    Not sure if this belongs on General - or how long the deal will last - but Amazon is offering a purportedly waterproof spotlight projector for $ 9.90 when you use coupon code VI88OCJ5 . You can print your own custom gobos to create a static scene. It does not have any inputs or movement...
  11. Electronic/Software: InFocus Projector Questions for House Mapping

    Halloween Props
    Hello all. I've been lurking for a while and got a lot of great information from this site. So I've decided it's time to start having some fun with this myself. I'm wanting to do some house projection mapping and saw an InFocus short throw projector and wanted to get some feedback. It's the...
  12. Atmosphere Effects: 2017 House Mapping Projection

    Halloween Props
    Hi All! The stormy weekend here in the midatlantic put the end to my getting out the graveyard and external lighting, but the good news is that I was ale to get my projectors in place along with our ToT table at the end of the driveway. Here is this year's attempt...
  13. Electronic/Software: Windows FX Plus Series

    Halloween Props
    Hi Techies! How do you take the pre loaded videos on the projector and add them to a thumb drive? I have some extra videos on a thumb drive and the projector gives the option of either playing the pre loaded videos OR play those on the thumb drive. Thanks! This is a brand new system. There...
  14. ATMOSFX Projector Kit Plus - DON'T BUY

    Merchant Reviews
    ATMOSFX Projector Kit Plus I wanted to stop using my more expensive projector and get something at least decent. I looked at the WindowsFX kits and then looked at the ATMOS FX projectors. I figured for the extra money they are charging it has to be at least better than the WindowsFX kits...
  15. Electronic/Software: Halloween Prop help (projector and motion detector)

    Halloween Props
    So I've set up a Halloween prop with an UNO and a 4 channel relay already using the four banger program from buttonbanger. Now I want to go a step further and I need some help. I want to have a projector play a little scare video when a motion detector senses movement. I haven't been able to...
  16. Electronic/Software: Need help with rear projector window issue

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, I am running a rear projector on a window that has a divider in the middle for my Halloween display. All the videos are centered so the divider hides what is centered. I use Movie Maker to put the videos together to make a movie but was wondering if there was another program that I...
  17. Electronic/Software: How to make Window FX projector (home Depot) brighter?

    Halloween Props
    Just curious if there was a simple way to make this projector a bit brighter?
  18. Electronic/Software: Best way to do ghosts in haunted house?

    Halloween Props
    We have a room in a community haunted barn and we are going with a Coraline theme. This is a very low-tech thing without a lot of funds, so I can't go too extravagant. I would like to have the ghost children from the movie projected onto a wall but I can't figure out the best way to do it...
  19. Electronic/Software: Projector Lumens...How many really?

    Halloween Props
    Trying to find a couple projectors for AtmosFX effects. Looking to spend no more than $100 per projector. Question is how many lumens do I need. Also if you have any experience with the Chinese projectors please let me know as I see them on Ebay all the time. Thanks everyone!
  20. Using a DVD projector in your yard haunt. Question?

    General Halloween
    Does anybody use a DVD projector as part of their yard haunt? I was thinking of getting one and showing one of those scary Spirit DVDs on the wall space between my two front windows. I was going to make a screen out of plywood and paint it white to project the image on. I was looking for...