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  1. Electronic/Software: Suggestion Help for AtmosFearFX Projection Needed

    Halloween Props
    I have built a version of the attached picture for my haunt. I want to project the AtmosFearFX 'Witching' Hour clips into the opening of the archway. I would like to do this from inside the structure. First question... What material would be best to stretch across the opening in the archway to...
  2. Electronic/Software: Projecting on Clear

    Halloween Props
    I was wondering if anyone is projecting onto a clear surface? When we first got a projector we tried projecting onto a glass window and you could kinda/sorta see the image but not very well. We're seeing videos where people hang a clear sheet of some kind in a doorway and project on it, and I...
  3. AtmosFX Projector

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! Last year I bought one of the projectors from Home Depot. Has anyone tried using it to project from inside to outside? I have a big picture window that I would like to get some bridal mesh and hang in the front yard and project from inside to the mesh outside. Are these projectors...
  4. Is there a way...?

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Is there a way to "favorite" particular threads? I want to mark certain threads somehow so I can come back to them later on to find information I want to revisit. Last week I read a thread on subject, and this week I want to start on that project. I try often to just leave that page open on...
  5. Other: Help building door toppers

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone, I'm working on a project and I could really use some advice, it's something I've never done and I'm somewhat stuck, not knowing where to begin. First off, this project is not for Halloween, strictly speaking, but it is ghost themed. I want to make some door toppers very much...
  6. Lighting: Short throw pico projectors? Recomendations?

    Halloween Props
    I want to try an internal projection. Wondering if anyone has gad any luck with useing a pico projector. If so what application and what model projector. I wanter to project atmosfear fx figures. I thought i might be able to project internally even if it were just the top portion making it a...
  7. Prop Showcase: Project Yorick

    Halloween Props
    I was looking for something to do with my 3-Axis skull the other 364 days of the year, and decided to make it an Alexa device: More about the project is on my blog, The Aspiring Roboticist.
  8. Prop Showcase: Grim Organist

    Halloween Props
    Team, After nearly 13 years, I'm literally blowing the dust off my Grim Organist project. I started researching the project and collecting materials in 2004. Shortly thereafter, the project was shelved. Here's my research and progress to date...
  9. Create a Animated Projection Gravestone

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    to see the entire project on my site http://horrordelta.com/main/index.php/how-to-s/16-create-a-animated-projection-gravestone As anyone who knows me will tell you I love technology and I love getting a good deal. I originally was going to buy a gravestone projection from Mr. Chicken but when I...
  10. New BIG SCARY SHOW: NE Krampus Walk, Al Snow, Dark Ride Project, MORE

    Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW: Episode 121 – the Dark Ride Project Well, here we are, December. But before all the Krampus related material, 3 of the 4 (g) hosts take a trip “down under” and have a chat with Joel Zika in Melbourne Australia about the Dark Ride Project, as Joel is trying to preserve, via...
  11. Mechanical: Haunted Ouija Board

    Halloween Props
    Hi! I registered just to share this project and to thank Daveinthegrave for laying out the how-to on this one. This was a fun project! I made the box a bit too big so I tried to minimize it visually with a dark stain and large hardware. I put felt on all the magnets so they wouldn't scrape...
  12. DeathGrip: Robotic Claw Gauntlet ....Yes you heard it right - ServoCity Tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Do you need a giant robot claw at the end of your forearm? Of course you do - who doesn't? Ok, so this Halloween/cosplay inspired project may not be the most practical thing I've made but it was definitely fun click the image below to check it out.
  13. My 2016 Halloween Project

    General Halloween
    Hi All Here's my 2016 project. Went really well. Loads of screams, laughter and the odd running off crying. Already planning next years :p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JHlUHTwxGE Thanks Rich
  14. Hello Fellow Haunters!!

    Member Introduction
    Looking forward to seeing project and sharing projects from like minded sick and twisted individuals. This is from this years project.
  15. Electronic/Software: Help needed: Projecting on to foam heads, but some light is bleeding past the heads

    Halloween Props
    I'm doing a Grim Grinning Ghosts projection on to foam heads. I've got it all lined up so it looks great on the heads themselves, but the particular video I'm using has heads that project slightly larger, causing some white light to project on to whatever surfaces happen to be behind the heads...
  16. NEVER Enough Time!

    General Halloween
    I am so bummed. I was trying to get things together for Halloween, and it just sneaked up on me. It is only a few days away, and I haven't had any time to set up decorations, or even shop for a costume. So here on my coffee table sits four brand new Epson digital projectors, two brand new...
  17. Static: Material alternatives recommendations

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! I'm trying to make a small chandelier prop similar to the image below that I came across . Looking to keep things simple but I don't have a way to work with plywood or MDF. Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative item or material that I can use and easily cut to size...
  18. Painting Sealing brick?

    Halloween Crafts
    I want to do a quick project and need advice. If I were to paint (acrylics) on a paver (8X8 or so) brick, what could I use to seal it so the brick can stay outside? Would spar varnish work? I already have that from a different project.
  19. Other: IM NEWBIE ! pls forgive me with my project ! my 24 dollars cemetery pillar

    Halloween Props
    my first project hope you enjoy it ! my 24 dollars cemetery pillar
  20. Evil Trees

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I wanted to simulate an evil forest for this year but was intimidated by the thought of creating trees. My experience tells me that Nature is tough to fabricate in a realistic way. But after viewing several tutorials (Mizerella, The Dark Gardener, Dave Lowe, and more) I decided to give it a...