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  1. Electronic/Software: Our singing grim reaper

    Halloween Props
    This is quite an old test pattern we made to test the motion and audio syncing for our 3-axis skull. There's a custom PCB running the 4 servos inside the head and a VB6 program which plays the sound and sends commands to the PCB over RS485. We took plenty of pictures of the build process Grim...
  2. FS: Frightprops Pop Blaster + PicoBoo ONE controller + motion sensor

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    his is a great scare in a place where guests feel "safe" - startles them every time! $410 new - why buy new? Excellent condition - easy to program - works great! Needs an air compressor. Posting it cheaper here than on ebay (but it is listed there too) - $275 + shipping
  3. NEW 2019 PRODUCT RELEASE from Haunt Hobbyist: THE VOICE BOX

    For Sale By Merchants
    Give your Costume Character a Voice! We got a lot of requests from our customers who wanted an "ALL IN ONE" Speaker that is Programmable, Portable, Light Weight, Awesome Sound Quality, and can be Triggered with your hand so your costume character can talk. Just Program your Voices/Sounds (8MB...
  4. Saving Your Favorite Sites

    General Halloween
    You know that feeling you get when you find a site that has a great tutorial on making something you’ve wanted to do for ages? You get all excited and you bookmark the site, promising to return to it one day. Sometime later, you return only to find the site is no longer there. Or sadly, as in...
  5. Lighting: Changing portraits lighting question?

    Halloween Props
    I want to light my Haunted Mansion portraits with an external light, then also have the internal lights that give them the changing portrait effect light up via a lighting controller soundtrack, can this be done by using a prop controller such as a picoboo or arduino? As of now I have just...
  6. Software program for talking pumpkins!!

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I know everyone is very busy this time of the year. But does anyone know of a software program so i can make my own talking and singing pumpkins thanks.
  7. Pneumatic: compressor / pneumatic sizing help

    Halloween Props
    Hi, i know this question has been asked before, but it is usually answered in USA spec and i am from the UK. i am having a year off this year (missing it, but attending a big party instead), so i thought i would put my "spare" time to some use and learn about pneumatics ready for next year. i...
  8. CNC adventures!

    General Halloween
    I always call where I live a little town, but it's really a small city of 40 000 people. A year or so ago, a group took over an old school building and reinvented it as a STEAM center and maker space. For a membership fee, you can visit and use the facilites and the tools they have there, and...
  9. Static: What program to design tombstones with?

    Halloween Props
    Sorry for asking so many questions lately but I need to find a better program to design my tombstones with. I've been using paint and made some good stones so far but need something better. Any suggestions?
  10. Electronic/Software: Newbie Video Question

    Halloween Props
    OK- I have the video files I want to use on my computer. What is the best way to transfer them into a seamless DVD or single video file for looping? I have WnX HD Video converter and Corel PSP software - along with plain ol' Windows Media Player. I am not really a computer person and can't...
  11. DIY Laser trip wire trigger

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi guys, thought I'd post up a simple little project I've been working on over the last few days. The aim is to make a laser trip wire trigger that is simple, cheap and can be used to trigger a variety of props (or even control a DIY prop itself for those of you who are more advanced with your...
  12. Projector Help

    General Halloween
    Wasn't sure where to post this so here it goes! Purchased a used NEC np410 projector and it powers up and works fine(projects movies) but its out of focus to where I can't see the menu. I tried moving the foucs ring and that helps a bit but not enough. I also connected it to my network through...
  13. Atmosphere Effects: atmosfearfx dvd to "high res" conversion

    Halloween Props
    first let me start with a "disclaimer" ... the results will not be as good as a high-res download ... and that this program, is free, but is limited to 5 minute video conversions ... you can purchase the program and get rid of this limitation ... but since all of the vob files from the dvds are...
  14. Electronic/Software: Mac upgrade from VSA program

    Halloween Props
    Well I have to say that I have not been on the site for sometime. Back in the day I used the VSA controller program to run my haunt. That ran on and old PC that was just slapped together and no longer running. So I am looking for a 2015 update that I can run on a Mac and hopefully use some of...
  15. Juneau Studios MIDI controlled Talking Skeleton Corpse

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi, I'm selling my very gently used talking skeleton corpse. I used him once in my ticket booth to greet visitors to my haunted garage. He talked to everyone as they waited in line. Everyone loved it! I no longer have a use for him, but I'm hoping someone else might. I'm asking $200...
  16. Programming a 3 Axis skull using VSA

    Hello everyone. I have two 3 axis skulls I need to program, and I am pretty clueless. I have VSA. I know mine are all set up and ready to program thanks to some help from local haunters, but I am really intimidated regarding the programming. I know I can use a joystick, but any help you can...
  17. Pumpkin stencil program?

    General Halloween
    I remember seeing a program many years ago. it took your photo and processed it into an image with three grades of shading. Black grey and white. to be used as a pumpkin template. dont remeber where I saw it or what it was called. anyone know of a similar program?
  18. I need some hair help.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Talia's in the Chinese immersion program at school. Which is fine. Today is Chinese new years, and they're doing a big celebration tonight. 2 days ago they told us the girls all had to wear red. Savers saved me there. Today, they are informing us they want all their hair in a bun...
  19. Lighting Program for My Cemetery

    Hi follow haunters. Here is my issue. I want to set up a program either through my laptop computer, or other devise, that might be on the market, in which the lights in my cemetery will come on and go off by themselves at different time intervals. I want the lights, in which I have 12 spots, go...
  20. HOME DEPOT old light strand trade-in program to update to LEDs

    General Halloween
    I just came back from HOME DEPOT and they just started a brief trade-in program for people wanting to get rid of old incandescent light strands and upgrade to new LED ones. The program started on 11/6 and runs thru 11/16, so if you are interested in trading in old strands and getting a credit...