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  1. Miss Halloween's 31 Days of Halloween

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    Hey Ghoul Gang! Please tune in everyday to check the newest uploads to my new Album in my profile for this years 31 Days of Halloween, Ive been doing this for 10 years and bug things are happening! Hope everyone is having a GREAT October so far!! Big things coming...
  2. HELP im so lost

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    Trying to create photo album cant figure out how to rotate pic. some of my photos are upside down. as well as my profile pic. [/COLOR]
  3. Facebook Connect Possessed?

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    I was on the forum before as Scavenger Eye Studios. I always logged in with Facebook connect. One day it just said "facebook re-directed too many times". I deleted my cookies, and browser history. I was using Google Chrome. Tried different browsers: Safari, and Firefox - same error. I tried...
  4. Profile pic

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    I can't seem to get my pic. to stay. It says it's uploaded, and shows the pic. but then it's gone when I post?