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  1. Mechanical: 28201, 6FT KD Monster w/ Chains

    Halloween Props
    Would anyone have a manual or anything like that for a Gemmy Monster with Chains? I contacted Gemmy and they said they discontinued that model in 2006 and nolonger have any doccuments on it. I'd like to have a copy during the process of restoring this prop. Thanks in advance for any info...
  2. Static: My First Corpsed Skelly

    Halloween Props
    Ok, so first attempt at corpsing a skelly. I started with a Wally I have from a few years ago ($40 at walgreens), and used the Stiltbeast method Its not quite done yet, but I'm liking the effect so far. Didn't take too many pictures as I was going through the process, but best advice: TAKE...
  3. Immortal Masks

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Check out Immortal Masks at http://immortalmasks.com See the process at Mythbusters' http://tested.com.
  4. Static: Process do far.

    Halloween Props
    I don't have everything up yet. No animatronics. But it's coming along.
  5. Mechanical: UnDoug's new home

    Halloween Props
    After many years of displaying a mini toe pincher the decision was made to recreate one lifesized version. Our live-in mini coffin dweller known as UnDoug was also in need of a remake. After looking over the vast network of toe pincher box plans we forged ahead by tearing down a few really old...