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  1. Halloween oldies playlist podcast ~ Whistling Past the Graveyard~

    Halloween Music
    https://archive.org/details/WPTG6 I've been making this podcast for three years running now, it's basically a vintage halloween playlist with really bad halloween jokes in between! Its definitely work and kid safe! There are six episodes total, listen to the latest and if you're into it catch...
  2. Free Full 15 track Pro Haunter CD - Limited time only

    Halloween Music
    FREE Halloween Music download! We are giving away a full album of award winning haunt music to celebrate the start of October GHOST STORIES - 15 electro horror tracks for Haunts Download the CD now here...
  3. Hello!

    Member Introduction
    I've been a Halloween fan since I could walk (like most people here I guess) along with horror movies, books, etc. I pleaded with my dad for years to let me open a haunt on our 30 acre farm back in the 80's but he had some reservations about me rigging my brothers and sister up on guide lines...
  4. Atmosphere Effects: Lightning (and thunder) in a Box Prop

    Halloween Props
    Here's my 2018 lightning and thunder in a box prop. PIR activatived, controlled by an Arduino. I've soldered a wire from one of the leds on the ka2284 which only illuminates with the thunder is at its loudest that then triggers the led floodlight through a SSR The plan is when ToTs walk on the...
  5. Fog: INDOOR fog machine

    Halloween Props
    What would your recommendation for the best INDOOR fog machine be? Ideally something that isn't going to set off my smoke detectors... that's the issue I ran into with the one I purchased from Spirit a few years back. I'd love to have a fog machine set up in our living room. The ceilings are...
  6. Pro Haunts

    General Halloween
    Now I don't mean to complain or anything, but this is something I've noticed for a long time and it hit me again last night as we were out going through a couple of local pro haunts. Why are they all so... cheap? I mean, it's like they don't even try most of the time. One place had so much of...
  7. Pro haunts

    General Halloween
    This may be posted elsewhere. I couldn't find anything so here goes. I love pro haunts and have been visiting them for over 20 years,which guess kinda dates me but oh well. I have traveled state to state to all the top haunts. Can't list them all, some have been great and others a waste of time...
  8. Observations at a pro haunt

    General Halloween
    Before I begin going over an observation that I noticed at a pro haunt over the weekend I would like say to that that I am in way no bashing pro haunts. I just noticed something and I am wondering how it will impact attendance for the current season and in future years. Actually I am a big fan...
  9. I need cake ideas!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So my party theme is insane asylum. I've searched high and low for a cake idea to fit my theme, and can't seem to find anything with that wow factor! I'm not a pro by any means but do know my way around fondant and modelling chocolate. Help!
  10. Question for the Pro/Home Haunt Lovers!

    General Halloween
    So I am looking to add a Haunt of the month feature to my blog. My thought is that I will either feature one pro haunt and one home haunt per month or do a rotating type of thing month to month. My question to you all is what types of questions/answers would interest you and what other types...
  11. Anyone Have Dreams To Go Pro?

    General Halloween
  12. Electronic/Software: VSA parallel port error

    Halloween Props
    Please help if you can , all of my settings for VSA ( LPT relay, LPT1 port ) I have done everything on my end to fix this error, I am using VSA 5.0, running a KIT74 parallel relay board, when I try to change setting for the relay I get an error VSA "CParallePort: error=wait timeout...
  13. Whats a Good Size to Start Charging?

    General Halloween
    In your opinion, whats a good size for a haunt to go pro and start charging? 2000 square feet? 5000? 10000?
  14. 2012 is the last year of the haunt....at my house.

    General Halloween
    I have emailed my local parks and recreation district, asking about doing a haunted house in their 2,500 square foot community room for 2013. I emailed them about 2013 because it is probably to late to plan and have this year fully built in a pro setting, in my opinion. I hope they really go...