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  1. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    My DH has been wanting to go to The Bates Motel for a couple of years now, but scheduling has always been an issue - trying to find nights when he & other friends/family could all make it together. http://thebatesmotel.com/attractions/ DH's birthday is in November, so I want to purchase...
  2. Halloween Props
    How would I go about making a Rocking Horse rock by itself??
  3. Halloween Props
    I have been searching for a bassinet and can not find one anywhere at a cheap price. Any type would do, would reallly like an antique style with wheels but worse case, How can I go about just building me one?
  4. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm looking to put together a costume this year based off the movie 'The Orphan Killer' Does anyone know or can you tell from the movie/still images which brand & type of clothing was being worn? Looks to me like Dickies but not too sure.
  5. General Halloween
    Where is a good place to pick up a few decent low cost strobe lights?? Would be nice to be LED and must be able to control/adjust flicker speed. Not looking for battery operated.
  6. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Having a huge costume party with a haunted walk through, the theme inside is like a creepy childs room, with hanging dolls and then you enter another area that is like a bloody body factory/chop shop where you could say this guy was creating lifesize dolls. I try to dress an play the part...
  7. Halloween Props
    Any good prop/decoration ideas for a demented haunted doll/childrens room??
  8. Halloween Music
    Does anyone have or know where I could download some creepy nursey music? Kinda like from the movie Dead Silence or something?
  9. Halloween Props
    Looking to build a mirror that drops down so that an actor can pop out from behind it. What would be the easiest way to build? Anyone have a video or photo?
  10. Halloween Music
    Was worrying about my sound and I started wondering, What do pro haunts use for there sound? Not the sounds/music, but the audio equipment?
  11. General Halloween
    I have emailed my local parks and recreation district, asking about doing a haunted house in their 2,500 square foot community room for 2013. I emailed them about 2013 because it is probably to late to plan and have this year fully built in a pro setting, in my opinion. I hope they really go...
  12. Halloween Props
    Anybody have any Pro haunt vids or books they're done with and want to get rid or sell? I just bought the hauntbook and hauntworld's site has a bunch of stuff Send me message if do, ready to buy ....
1-12 of 12 Results