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  1. 2018 The Mugler Haunt

    General Halloween
    Here are two vids of The Mugler Haunt 2018. First one is the walk through just prior to opening on Halloween night. The second is the Mugler Haunt on a dark night prior to Halloween. The scenes are changed and very different. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBInnh8epts&t=73s...
  2. Inspirit: An Unorthodox Halloween 2018

    General Halloween
    Howdy folks. For those of you playing at home, we've been more or less 'out of the game' since 2016. More because of a major remodeling effort. https://www.halloweenforum.com/off-topic-stuff/146531-unorthodox-2016-project.html This year was no different, and our big project was...
  3. Admin approval on posts

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hello, I'm new to posting on this site, so still figuring it all out. One on of my posts today, I received a response indicating admin approval needed prior to post. Just curious what prompts the need for admin approval and on average how long it takes to obtain approval and see it posted...
  4. Mausoleum - Crypt Portability/Storage

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    I would like to build a Mausoleum - Crypt but my issue is portability and storage throughout the year. I am also a one man operation so it needs to be easily assembled / disassembled but also not fall apart when it is being displayed the week or two prior to Halloween. Any ideas or links on...
  5. Prop Showcase: The haunt with almost everything

    Halloween Props
    here is the yard with all I will put out prior to Halloween night. I have even started including the backyard