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  1. General Halloween
    Probably no surprise but you can put those mp3 and cd players away, Alexa to the rescue! Have some pc speakers laying around - even better. If you have Amazon prime just ask her to play scary sounds, thunderstorm, or Halloween music. I figured on the Halloween music play list but the scary...
  2. Halloween Props
    Ok someone here has to have had this problem with the POS Chauvets. I have a 1200 that puts out fog (dense fog for like 6-7 seconds) then blinks blue for 1 min then does same thing I know it is reading the tank as empty, its full Already cleaned with fluid twice Power cycled several times...
  3. Halloween Props
    Being Amazon Prime Day, and with the TP-Link smart plug going for $20 (and a Wemo mini smart plug for $21), it occurred to me that an echo dot could be used as a pretty handy timer. Echo dots are going for $35 today for Prime Members. Prices above are also for Prime members. Anyway, so, this...
  4. General Halloween
    Anyone find anything worth buying? Halloween wise, that is!
1-4 of 5 Results