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  1. Free classic Halloween Haunt music album til October 31

    Halloween Music
    FREE PROFESSIONAL HALLOWEEN SOUNDTRACK MUSIC!!! Please support us and share this post with your friends and let us know if you like it! We are giving away our Amazon Top 20 hit album 'Ghost Stories' (worth $8) until october 31 The album is a mix dark electronic sounds and classic horror...
  2. Static: Can I connect a PIR to wireless remote switch?

    Halloween Props
    I have several store props that are a mix of sound or motion triggered. All are powered by AA batteries. They are near each other, and I'd like trigger them simultaneously via PIR. I happen to own a 12V 4CH Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch. Is there any way to connect the props to the...
  3. Pool noodles this time of year?

    Wanted to Buy
    Hey all, In my ever evolving quest to build my own props, I am in need of pool noodles and I am wondering if anyone has them super cheap in store? I really don't want to pay to have an online store ship them to me. I prefer to find some that will allow for a 1/2 in diameter pvc pipe to be...
  4. Mr. Moonlight

    Halloween Crafts
    I'm not an expert at clay (I'm sure you can tell)but I've always wanted a Crescent Moon for my Hunted Dollhouse. The prices are $$$$$ & I prefer to make things myself. So I made one last night. He still needs painted & I want to have a witch sitting on him
  5. Which crystal ball prop do you prefer?

    General Halloween
    I've had a fortune teller display for a few years, but she's only a tarot card reader. I've wanted to do a head in a crystal ball prop, but have never found one (at a reasonable price...) At Home currently has two offerings each with their own pros and cons. I can't decide. Which one do you...
  6. McDonald's Halloween Pails 2016

    General Halloween
    Looks like they're "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" themed this year. The vid shows some Charlie Brown toys but those are just toys from last year. It also shows a Minion bucket which was last year too. So no actual sightings of the pails yet. I was just there this AM but I didn't...
  7. Hawthorne Village Nightmare before Christmas FS or FT

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have the following, Lock, Shock & Barrels Treehouse Dr Finklesteins Lab Jack Skellington House Town Hall These were displayed once and have been stored since. I do not have any pics of these as I would prefer not to have to unpackage them. From a nonsmoking home - all are in like new...
  8. Favorite type of prop?

    Halloween Props
    I was thinking about the kinds of props I like and want, and I've realized what I like most. I generally prefer smaller props. They're usually more versatile than life size characters, and generally more unique and inventive. But my favorites among these are the "household" props. These are the...
  9. Carpenter or Zombie?

    General Halloween
    Theres an abundance of halloween movies but whose style did you prefer, John Carpenter or Rob Zombie? http://www.wickedhorror.com/features/remake-comparison-halloween-carpenter-vs-zombie/
  10. Lighting: LED question

    Halloween Props
    When using LEDs, what viewing angle do you prefer?
  11. Hello go ahead consider me a noob

    Member Introduction
    Hello, my name is Bradon and I have been looking at the halloween forum for years, you may ask me why I am just now a member? I haven't until now taken an extraordinary interest in Halloween until, note that I am only 15, but I plan on starting my interest into a career and whats a better time...
  12. Fake Pumpkins?

    Halloween Props
    Where is the best place to buy fake pumpkins? DT pumpkins are too small. I would prefer plastic but will consider hard foam.