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  1. Prayers for Florida

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Prayers out to all our friends in Florida. Hoping for the best but it's not looking good.
  2. Sending good thoughts to Florida

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    Hello Sending good thoughts and prayers for any members in the Florida area. Hopefully you are safely away from the storm. Sending prayers for your safety, and the safety of your families, and your homes. Marie
  3. The Final Reassesment

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    "Wake up, Tom. Are you awake?" "Whoa! Who are You!?...oh, I'm sorry my eyes don't always tell me the truth right away, sometimes." "Do you remember what day it is today?" Tom's slight smile died so quickly as his conscious mind awoke now. "Yah, I know." "You know we also have to prepare you...