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  1. Halloween Props
    What's your Halloween Cosplay Ideas this year? Plus also share your Spooky Decor ideas, Cool Halloween Head-mask & Funny Pranks from the Holiday? :D
  2. General Halloween
    I want to play a few harmless tricks on my TOTs this year. Gotta earn that candy somehow ;) My house is going to be covered in spiderwebs so I'm thinking of hanging clear strings from the ceiling of my porch to brush against them. My other thought was a jumping or remote controlled spider to...
  3. General Halloween
    Not sure where this goes. It's tech-related inspiration. This isn't a commercial. I did a vid because I've been enjoying doing vids on all my channels with the MacBook Pro Retina and headset instead of just a link :) You could buy this tech anywhere. Most of it doesn't mention a manufacturer...
  4. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi everyone, first time poster but I've been following this forum for years. My family has made a tradition of throwing a big halloween party. This years theme is Dracula and we have a lot of over the top decorations planned - we have a large living room that will be done up in a vampire castle...
  5. General Halloween
    If you like it please vote for it. I know it seems mean but, my kids are great sports . I was part of a yard haunt for years and our house is full of scary stuff. We just came back from Halloween Horror Nights , scary stuff does not get to them...
  6. General Halloween
    Just came across this video . Thought it was so funny that I then thought we needed a Halloween pranks thread. Enjoy and add your own! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwPgyIrBkYI