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  1. Unusual Handouts

    General Halloween
    So, candy is the obvious favorite for handing out at Halloween, but I know of an online magic shop with decent prices on all those cheesy gags and jokes from when I was little. Thus, along with candy, we also give out crap like trick squirt lighters; Chinese finger traps; the trusty...
  2. Atmosphere Effects: Fake explosions

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have experience creating fake explosions? I'd like to simulate a small explosion that would result from cannon fire. It would need run several times during the evening. I've seen examples using flour/baby powder and an air cannon....which would be perfect except it would need refilling...
  3. Hair Advice, Please?

    Do any of you have ideas for making my dark hair appear light/white without actually dying/bleaching it? Perhaps some sort of spray-in color, or powder? I don't do well with wigs, and I don't want to do anything permanent. Any thoughts?
  4. Other: UV powder

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know anything about a UV powder, store bought or even homemade would be fantastic! The reason I am asking is we have 4 actual firing cannons, with the help of some balloons and some baby powder to create the effect that we are going for, we just hoped to have something a little more...