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  1. Potion label please?!

    General Halloween
    If anyone could make me a potion label that reads "mermaid scales", that I could print, I would REALLY appreciate it. I don't have any editing software and I can't afford to buy any. I prefer the look of older labels, but if someone makes me one, I will take anything. :D Thank you!
  2. Other: Potion Bottle Names??

    Halloween Props
    I have gotten the first round of potion bottles painted, glossed and labels (Paper bags) crumpled and dipped in tea, so now, I get to add the lables...I am at a stone wall with names for the potions. ( I have come down with the flu and punimonia:( so my brain isn't working at full capacity.) Any...
  3. Papercraft Jellyfish Stinger Potion Label - Do you have one?

    Halloween Crafts
    I'm looking for a good jellyfish stinger label for a potion jar and believe it or not haven't found any luck. (I've managed to find one, but it is backwards!) My PC is in the shop right now, so I can't access the labels I already have and I can't "create" anything on the public PC that I'm...
  4. Other: Potion labels and Invitation backgrounds

    Halloween Props
    I have been playing with creating my own potion labels and invitatin backgrounds. I found many on a site called lost and taken. I assembled about 70 of them into my Flickr account, and wish to share them with you. Most of them are blank, a few I started to work on, but since we are so close...
  5. Other: Potion labels!

    Halloween Props
    I found a lovely template online and decided to use it to make a few of my own potion labels: Here is the template if you'd like to make your own: