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  1. General Halloween
    Due to potential bad weather I decided to put my display in my garage this year. Weather turned out to be nice but I will still do the display in the garage in future years. All animatronics were built by me over the years. I have 9 total. Next year I will work on lighting and maybe some...
  2. Halloween Props
    I have a 1/4 acre pond in my front pasture I would love to put a large prop in. Has anyone done something similar? I can't really use the pasture because curious cows destroy anything I put out there, but I think the pond has potential. I also have a windmill pumping into the pond so that has...
  3. General Halloween
    I think these have a lot of potential in a variety of uses. https://atmosfx.com/collections/decorations/products/sinister-shadows
  4. General Halloween
    Here it is!!!! The 2017 main Secret Reaper!! Lets have a good time with this, keep it light hearted!!!! PLEASE read all the rules, a lot of the issues could be solved simply by reading them ;):D:) ATTENTION: NEW RULES!!!!!! You MUST have a minimum of 15 posts if you are a new member.. I...
  5. Halloween Props
    I was testing the pumpkins out today. Wanted to make sure everything was still working. I tried to play the files off my USB on my AAXA p1 but it wouldn't read the WMA file. So I broke out the media player I got from J-man and it worked a treat. Can't wait to learn what else I can do with this...
  6. General Halloween
    OK, I think I am going to start a petition to change Halloween from October 31 to maybe sometime is summer. I am soooo sick and tired of getting it all set up then have a huge storm coming in. Tomorrow is set for massive rains and high and potential damaging winds. Gotta take it all down and...
  7. Halloween Props
    Gotta love those dollar store skulls...just a little work and imagination and they have alot of potential!
  8. Halloween Crafts
    My husband and I make puppets together. We were trying to make a cute little scarecrow puppet, but it ended up being a bit too creepy. I saw some potential, and decided to pour my "Oh no, Halloween is over!" energy into making videos with it. Here's the one I recorded today:
1-8 of 10 Results