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  1. New member? Not exactly.

    Site Issues and Feedback
    So here is my question, have I disappeared? I just attempted to post a large lot of Halloween stuff for sale in the classifieds and after I finished and tried to submit it, I was informed that I have to have 3 posts and have never posted. Uh, so I've been a member since 2007 and I absolutely...
  2. finding old posts

    Site Issues and Feedback
    is there away to find any of my old posts like back from 2006 thanks :D
  3. "new posts" link

    Site Issues and Feedback
    does anyone know how to properly use the "new posts" link? this morning i clicked on it and it gave the standard "there are no new posts to view" message, so i clicked on the "click here to see all posts from the last 24 hours" link. it brought up a list of 72 threads. the first one was in...
  4. DID you say Human skeleton?

    Halloween Props
    Here I was, minding my own business, looking up Halloween props on my local craigslist, when I innocently put in the word "skeleton" in the search bar...lo and behold, this was one of the posts. I almost choked! NO thank you, a bit too spooky for my taste! Anyone...
  5. Posting images ideas (PHOTOBUCKET policy changes)

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Just a word of warning: Photobucket has just changed their terms of usage in the past few weeks with hardly any notice. The big takeaway of this is they no longer support 3rd party hosting, which is pretty much what every single person using Photobucket used them for - copying the Photobucket...
  6. Prop Showcase: Witch lantern posts complete

    Halloween Props
  7. Admin approval on posts

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hello, I'm new to posting on this site, so still figuring it all out. One on of my posts today, I received a response indicating admin approval needed prior to post. Just curious what prompts the need for admin approval and on average how long it takes to obtain approval and see it posted...
  8. Vendor Rules

    Vendor Deals
    1. Any and all commercial posting on the forum requires vendor credentials to do so. This includes: A business name Usernames, business information in your Signatures and or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and all commercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a...
  9. 2017 Spooky Town & Dept. 56 Halloween Village Thread

    General Halloween
    Guess it's time to start a new thread for this years Halloween village discussions. What's everyones plans for their set ups? What are you hoping to see from Lemax, Dept. 56, or Tombstone Corners? I'm hoping to see some alien themed pieces from Lemax, especially after not getting those alien...
  10. Welcome to our newest Halloween Forum sponsor: HalloweenCostumes.com!

    Forum News and Rules
    Welcome to our newest Halloween Forum sponsor: HalloweenCostumes.com! Do check out their sponsored posts for some lovely tricks and treats! Evolution of Halloween Authentic Freddy Krueger Mask It's Not Too Late To Get Your Costume Thanks so much for your support of Halloween Forum!
  11. "new posts" link - very minor issue

    Site Issues and Feedback
    this is at most a pet peeve rather than a serious problem, but i've noticed the "new posts" link near the top is unpredictable. this morning when i logged on it only showed one thread with a new post (occasionally it'll show none) but then when i look through each sub forum there are several...
  12. New Ads Placed On Our Photos

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Noticed while reading some threads without logging in that now the photos we post here will have pop up ads placed on the bottom of them. I find this totally annoying as a member here and am sure that outsiders reading our posts do too. Apparently banner ads at the top and bottom of pages and...
  13. Why are my and others posts being used to link to other sites?

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I don't always log in when I'm in a hurry or don't think I have anything to post so see the HF site as outsiders do many times. I've noticed that my posts and others sometimes have been used to add links (bolded text) within the body of our posts that takes people to other sites, usually eBay...
  14. Buzzfeed Halloween!!

    General Halloween
    Buzzfeed loves Halloween/Fall as much as many here do so here's one of their posts about Halloween with many more to follow I'm sure. 21 Tumblr Posts For Anyone Who Can’t Wait For Halloween https://www.buzzfeed.com/agh/this-is-halloween?utm_term=.skEBzWWlO#.jpwE3ppBl 20 Spooky Jokes To Get...
  15. Hello from Utah

    Member Introduction
    Hey all, I am obviously new to this community. I have been using this site as inspiration for years and finally decided to join! Does anyone know how to rotate picture on posts? Every time I post a picture it is sideways, and I don't see any way to rotate it!
  16. NBC Inflatable Arch w/ Sally n Jack

    General Halloween
    I swear that I saw a Gemmy 16 thread around here somewhere. Using the search engine didn't produce it, and I checked 11 pages worth of posts on this board...must have missed it, or imagined it? Anyway, I was just looking for Halloween decorations in general at Amazon, and found this...
  17. Angels & Demons OR Heaven & Hell

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    First off, I'm back! Was having QUITE the rough start to my year and was recuperating and getting myself back together mentally and such, yadda yadda....so I am WAY behind Halloween schedule. Anyway, with that said, originally this years theme for my Halloween party was going to be Vintage...
  18. Did a test run with the base graveyard fence design...

    Halloween Props
    The end guys are too long, obviously. The section is attached to the posts by zip ties. I am surprised how well they are holding as is but I figure I can get some couplings or sleeves to place where the fence needs to sit to help support the zip tied sections. The zip ties allow laying the fence...
  19. Oak Lane Cemetery

    I feel I must apologize. I deleted my old Halloween Home facebook page that all of my photos were linked to so now any of my old posts here that had photos in them now don't. What a mess! Had I realized this was going to happen (which I should have, duh) I would have instead just unpublished the...
  20. Static: Help with DIY projector screen

    Halloween Props
    I love this forum! I've been a member for several years but this is my first post. I just bought a new Epson MovieMate 85HD a few days ago. I want to use it for outdoor movie nights and holiday parties with my grandkids. This Saturday I'm having my annual G-kid Halloween party and want to watch...