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  1. Hello from Utah

    Member Introduction
    Hey all, I am obviously new to this community. I have been using this site as inspiration for years and finally decided to join! Does anyone know how to rotate picture on posts? Every time I post a picture it is sideways, and I don't see any way to rotate it!
  2. NBC Inflatable Arch w/ Sally n Jack

    General Halloween
    I swear that I saw a Gemmy 16 thread around here somewhere. Using the search engine didn't produce it, and I checked 11 pages worth of posts on this board...must have missed it, or imagined it? Anyway, I was just looking for Halloween decorations in general at Amazon, and found this...
  3. Angels & Demons OR Heaven & Hell

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    First off, I'm back! Was having QUITE the rough start to my year and was recuperating and getting myself back together mentally and such, yadda yadda....so I am WAY behind Halloween schedule. Anyway, with that said, originally this years theme for my Halloween party was going to be Vintage...
  4. Did a test run with the base graveyard fence design...

    Halloween Props
    The end guys are too long, obviously. The section is attached to the posts by zip ties. I am surprised how well they are holding as is but I figure I can get some couplings or sleeves to place where the fence needs to sit to help support the zip tied sections. The zip ties allow laying the fence...
  5. Oak Lane Cemetery

    I feel I must apologize. I deleted my old Halloween Home facebook page that all of my photos were linked to so now any of my old posts here that had photos in them now don't. What a mess! Had I realized this was going to happen (which I should have, duh) I would have instead just unpublished the...
  6. Static: Help with DIY projector screen

    Halloween Props
    I love this forum! I've been a member for several years but this is my first post. I just bought a new Epson MovieMate 85HD a few days ago. I want to use it for outdoor movie nights and holiday parties with my grandkids. This Saturday I'm having my annual G-kid Halloween party and want to watch...
  7. JK Studio Masks

    For Sale By Merchants
    A Friend of mine is selling off some of his masks, and I thought you guys might be interested. http://alphacentauri2.info/index.php?topic=16613.0 I'm trying to get them over here to answer questions anyone might have, but I can probably field a few as well. (pics link to the specific...
  8. Thank You All Members and Visitors! Halloween 2015 From Admin (PLEASE READ)

    General Halloween
    Thank You All Members and Visitors! Halloween 2015 Halloween Season 2015 Is Here! NOW! All Members and Visitors: It is very important to me to reach out to you again and extend my gratitude to YOU. Thank you for being an important part of the HalloweenForum.com community. It is our members...
  9. Static: Opinions wanted: skull/light posts

    Halloween Props
    Hi All. Can I just say that I am loving this forum? Everyone here is so talented and inspiring me to get my butt in gear this year. I would love some feedback on my latest project. Should I leave the wood posts natural or give them a polished look by painting them? The posts are tomato stakes...
  10. 2015 Tuesday Morning Stores

    General Halloween
    Kmeyer indicated some things to post to a Tuesday Morning store shopping thread if there was one. Now there is! Look forward to your posts.
  11. Prop Showcase: HF and Web Site Reorg Blunder - I made a Boo Boo

    Halloween Props
    http://www.snydercentral.com/halloween/HFposts.htm Apologies to the couple of folks that follow my posts : - )
  12. Transworld 2015

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Didn't see any posts. Some cool props this year!
  13. Title Names

    The Zombie/Werewolf thing is a post ranking. As you post more, your ranking will change. I think the highest ranking is "The Great Pumpkin" and then once you get beyond that, you can customize it to whatever you like. Ah, I found the full details in the FAQ. This comes up a lot...see below. A...
  14. Hi from the South Coast of the United Kingdom

    Member Introduction
    Hi haunters, Firstly I will say a huge THANK YOU to all members of this forum. I've spent the last couple of weeks reading through various threads, topics, tutorials and images. WOW! so many creative and talented people. My name is Damian (fairly appropriate) and I'm in the UK which makes...
  15. Hi from California!

    Member Introduction
    So excited that I found this forum! I'm Kate from SoCal (aka SpookySquirrel). I love that everyone shares ideas & posts all the great Halloween finds in stores right now... I've found some of my best buys from pictures & posts here. Thanks to everyone who shares :) Once my house is complete I'll...
  16. Atmosphere Effects: Help need advice!!!!

    Halloween Props
    Want to build a cave/mine for the kids to have to go through to get to my front door this year. Can't really do a lot if building, thought about putting fence posts in. 2 at top of yard 2 in middle an 2 at front porch. taking 2 cables, 1 for each side and attaching it to the posts. Taking...
  17. Whoever Post Here Last Wins....

    You really don't win anything except to post here last. So right now I am winning. www.hottopikgothiks.com