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  1. Halloween Props
    This is my first year having a pose-n-stay skeleton. I need them standing in my display. How do you all get yours to stay standing in the yard? If you have pictures of your method that would help immensely. Thanks!
  2. Halloween Props
    Someone posted that they spoke with a Costco staff member and said it didn't look like they would be getting any of the Pose-N-Stay skeletons in this year. No way yet of knowing if that will be true I suppose. Their CostcoConnection online/print catalog for August should be coming out soon and...
  3. General Halloween
    Costco Pose-n-Stay Skeletons 2016 MOD NOTE: I've tried to see if an existing thread already had been active, but so far it's just specific items - multiple threads on their skeletons, witches, gargoyles - so I'm creating this to put all the 2016 Costco threads together. Merging to make it...
  4. Halloween Props
    Had a couple extra Pose-N-Stays (is that even possible?) and set this guy up in our guest bathroom. We named him Mr. Clean!
  5. Halloween Props
    Curious to know how people get a Walmart Pose-N-Stay skeleton to hold something - such as a sword or gun. In the past I have just sort of made it work, but it does not look very realistic. Have you modified the hands/fingers? What works and what does not? Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results