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  1. General Halloween
    So far I have only hit two Spirits-went later in the morning but got a few "essentials." Posable Dummy Ghost Swing Rotating Mechanism Freddy Tote Bag Lighted Halloween Garland Pumpkin Stencils Freddy vs Jason Two bags of webs...one regular, one Glow in the Dark. Lets see pics of everyones Hauls :)
  2. General Halloween
    I was doing shopping at Walmart when I wandered into the ever-shrinking Halloween section and found - to my complete surprise and absolute delight - a fully articulated posable five-foot skeleton for only 29 bucks! I've always wanted one of these, and I figured it would be perfect as the...
  3. Halloween Props
    Someone posted that they spoke with a Costco staff member and said it didn't look like they would be getting any of the Pose-N-Stay skeletons in this year. No way yet of knowing if that will be true I suppose. Their CostcoConnection online/print catalog for August should be coming out soon and...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! I want to add some skeleton scenes to my graveyard this year and am looking for suggestions for making them stand up. I've seen a few suggestions for rebar, conduit etc, just wondering if there are any favorites? Also, do any of you have experience with Grandin Road's posable...
  5. Halloween Props
    Ultra Lightweight Fully Posable Character Frame or "Skeleton" Used this method for my "Dorkin Man" An easy way to build a prop or character that is: >lightweight enough to dangle or hang >safe to bump against if hanging low >bounces and reacts to motion ( or if bumped) >fully posable -...
  6. Halloween Props
    I'm trying to make a zombie attack puppet for this year (a zombie on my side/back while I control it's head). I've seen people using pool noodles for stuffing the arms and legs but I need to make it posable when I put it on. I've made PVC mannequins with Spider Hill joints for static display...
  7. Halloween Props
    I got a posable skeleton for $20 marked down from $50!
  8. Halloween Props
    Hello all, I've been trying to find a life sized posable skeleton in stores, and I've had no luck. Where have you found yours / where should I look? Thank you! :o
  9. Halloween Props
    Hi all, I just got this new friend from Canadian Tire: i was wondering if some of you would know how i could make it posable instead of just hanging it on a tree. Thank you very much.
  10. Halloween Props
    Anyone have an easy/inexpensive way to create posable hands? Store bought plastic hands/arms always have the flat "handshake" pose - and you can only find only left handed ones! (Or maybe it's always right handed) - anyway......would LOVE to see some ideas to make realistic hand that can be...
  11. Halloween Props
    last year spirit advertised an 8ft skeleton. although i never saw one in person. I remember people saying they were really about 6 1/2-7 ft anyway, I think I just saw one at Halloween city. they were $99. anyone remember what spirit sold them for last year. comments on them? I dont mind that...
  12. General Halloween
    Hello- I saw a few places have a decent looking plastic posable skeleton priced between $50-$80. Has anyone seen these with vendors that work with haunters on wholesale rates? Trying to avoid the crazy after Halloween discount. Thanks again, HH
1-12 of 12 Results