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  1. Pneumatic: Skelly Coffin Groundbreaker WIP

    Halloween Props
    This is my pneumatic version of a Skelly Coffin Groundbreaker. It's a work in progress, static portion is complete, still have to do the controls and audio. Top of the coffin is 42", the top of the skelly's head is at 3 feet. He's mounted to a 4-bar linkage that when triggered, he jumps out and...
  2. Static: Help filling void

    Halloween Props
    So one of the regular vignettes in my yard is the Sentinel. He is always the last prop to be removed because through Christmas I stick a big red bow on him. But a careless neighbor burning a stump lead to a fiery demise of a large portion of my yard. Unfortunately the Sentinel and his setting...
  3. 4 Legged stilt spirit rendition

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hello all! Happy haunting to you and hope you're planning on a best yet season. In this link (https://youtu.be/wB2HTAcbmck) is what I originally WANT to do this year. I typically stay outside and I am the part of the TRICK whereas others inside are the passing of the TREAT portion for Trick or...
  4. carnEVIL 2015 invitations so far!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This idea was taken from the Brooklyn Limestone blog but when I saw them I HAD to try and recreate them! This is the sideshow portion of the invitation, the main information is on a bloody carnival ticket!
  5. Game of Thrones: White Walkers v. M. Jackson?

    Haunted Humor
    So, I am not anywhere certain of where this should be posted... However, it is a link to youtube, where someone has taken a clip from the white walkers attack of season 5 episode 8 and put it to a portion of Thriller. Spoilers obviously. ...and blood. I had a grin the whole way through...
  6. Where oh where ?

    General Halloween
    OK, I was going to reply to Jimyzdc and the MONSTER MUD REAPER (very cool by the way). But I have to ask where the heck do you store your props for the rest of the boring year. I just finished a 20x14 man cave storage building that I thought was going to be my haven, but momma has already taken...
  7. Other Waterglobe Question

    Halloween Crafts
    I did not know where else to ask this. Has anyone ever had glitter stick to the inside and refuse to cooperate in becoming unstuck? It is like a big blob, blocking a good portion of the front view. The rest moves properly, but that spot simply will not come loose. I have tried shaking the globe...