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  1. Lighting: Question for the Community - Black Lights

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, I want to try something different this year for my porch and I am not sure what I need. I know this is the place to come though because you guys are awesome. I have a porch and I want to cobweb throughout and I want to really highlight the spooky affect with black lights. In my...
  2. Static: NBC yard

    Halloween Props
    After I moved here and produced my first Halloween yard my neighbors asked what I was going to do for Christmas. I had no idea that I moved onto a road where everyone did Christmas displays. So I slowly transitioned into a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. Each year I just make or add one...
  3. Hogwarts Halloween Porch!!!

    General Halloween
    Hey everybody, Here's how our Hogwarts Halloween porch turned out! Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!
  4. Help please - ideas for extra display

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone, So I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but hey, that appears to be how I do things! We have a big set up this year with a massive yard haunt with a( blood fountain, spider zone, graveyard, tunnel made from 'skin', and various spots for scaring throughout,), a witches...
  5. Static: My First Cauldron!

    Halloween Props
    So I haven't been able to really start all my decorating that I want to get done. For the past couple years I haven't really been able to decorate. I did some simple things last year but I literally had to take everything done the night of Halloween. My house is over 100 years old and...
  6. Prop Showcase: unliving portrait with a twist

    Halloween Props
    this will be on our front porch
  7. Static: Need Help: Home Depot Fire Dragon Assembly

    Halloween Props
    It's been raining nonstop here for weeks, now, and I'm so far behind it's just sad at this point. However, I thought if nothing else, I could get my giant fire dragon set up on the porch and hopefully that would build some momentum. ...except I can't get his dadgummed frakkin' lakkin' head to...
  8. Static: Quick add to the front porch

    Halloween Props
    Had some time over the weekend, 1 foam mango + some clay + some doll hair + some paint + some old clothes =
  9. Fog: Front Porch suggestions/help with fog

    Halloween Props
    Hello fellow Halloween Fans! Been a member for a few years but rarely ever post.........come to think of it this might be the first. I have been inactive the past few years for Halloween because I was renting an apartment. Well I finally got back into a house and want to do some cool things...
  10. Halloween House Projection Mapping

    General Halloween
    We're planning on Harry Potter themed front porch this year. We've got a short throw projector that we've used for scrim based window/door projections. Does anyone have any experience with projection mapping? :confused: What I'm wondering is, how should we handle the placement of the...
  11. Floating Dementors on Front Porch

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    Hi there, We're prepping for a Harry Potter themed front porch for Halloween this year. The porch will have hundreds of floating candles like the great hall. We were thinking of creating some lightweight dementors and making them float. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make them...
  12. Static: Achieving Blackout and UV room

    Halloween Props
    I have a screened in porch off the side of my house. I built a facade for the front side. And in the past I have taken heavy duty black plastic, folded thee edge over and gorilla taped it down creating a seam pocket. I then ran some cord through it and attached it to the interior roof of the...
  13. Static: Need Suggestions - Want to create enormous skull for porch entrance

    Halloween Props
    I need some suggestions on materials to use to create a large 3 dimensional skull to go in front of our steps leading onto our porch. Im guessing it would be 10|12’ tall by 7-8’ wide. My initial thought was to carve it out of some type of lightweight styrofoam or insulation but it seems like id...
  14. What you learned and will do diffrent for your party in 2018

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So this year what did you learn or what do you plan to do different for next years party ? For me I have decided to go smaller we had over 75 people this year it has grown over the last 11 years and I think it is time to trim it down. 2018 my plan is to only have around 20 its hard to visit...
  15. Prop Showcase: 2017 Fright Show - Haunted Harvest Meets The Walking Dead

    Halloween Props
    2016 Haunted Harvest Meets The Walking Dead - We took a new twist on two themes and converted the front porch into an old farmhouse. It's been fun and not nearly as complex as 2016 - hopefully just as enjoyable for the kids! One side of the porch will include a creepy zombie woman (dressed as a...
  16. Static: Giant Spider question

    Halloween Props
    Ok so I am building a simple but giant spider this year. Pictures will be coming soon. I plan on putting him on top of my porch. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to "attach" him to the roof of my porch? His legs will be PVC, probably 1/2 inch. I'm still working up the details. I'm...
  17. Other: What's your go-to porch-only scare?

    Halloween Props
    If you were only setting up something on your porch, what would your go-to scare be? What one prop or other jump scare would you work onto the porch to get the most bang for your buck and give the local kids the best scare and/or excitement? Would you cram as many props on there as possible, or...
  18. Pneumatic: First new prop of 2017

    Halloween Props
    Feel like i'm behind schedule already as I just started the first of 5 new props I have planned for this year. This is mainly due to a major house project I have been working on for past couple months (new front porch) and a change in employment. Anyway here it is! Off to a good start at a...
  19. Something Funny

    General Halloween
    We use our front porch as part of our haunted trail that goes through our yard. This year we put our Pennywise figure on the porch, along with about 100 balloons and the It music playing. We also had a fog machine to make it more creepy. About an hour into trick or treating, a guy comes to the...