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  1. Pop up wraiths

    Pop up wraiths

  2. Pneumatic: BRAINSTORM: Need Ideas for a Pop up prop!

    Halloween Props
    So, I have a motion activated pneumatic pop up prop that I have built which consists of: -A flood light which will shine upon what ever is to pop up. -A sound which will start as soon as the prop is activated. -And of course, a Pneumatic cylinder which will pop up about 2 or 3 feet. So, now my...
  3. Pneumatic: So I have these coffins......

    Halloween Props
    I built four coffins this year....I have people out there that I don't like. I was unable to fill the coffins with people that I don't like so I turned them into props instead. The first one is just a static display. The second one is a variation on the Monster in a Box theme.... I call mine...
  4. Pneumatic: New Coffin Sit Up Prop

    Halloween Props
    I corpsed my Bart and mounted him into my new smaller pallet coffin. YouTube - New Coffin Situp - Halloween Prop
  5. Pneumatic: Rat Spitter

    Halloween Props
    I finally tested my new Rat Spitter pneumatic pop up prop.
  6. Pneumatic: Candy Table Terror Walkthrough

    Halloween Props
    Some people wanted to see the guts of my CTT prop, so here you go.
  7. Pneumatic: Candy Table Terror

    Halloween Props
    I was going to hold back on releasing this to the masses, but that would make me a selfish SOB. YouTube- Candy Table Terror - Village Mire Yard Haunt