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  1. Electronic/Software: poltergeist prop for a good price

    Halloween Props
    Hi there I fount this on ebay im not selling it or know the seller just wanted to show you guys.
  2. poltergeist prop great deal on ebay :)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    im not selling this just found it on ebay.
  3. Scariest scenes in horror movie history

    Horror Discussion
    My picks 1. The Ring - I saw her face, the cut away to Katie in the closet. 2. The Conjuring - Christine sees something in the closet and wakes her sister Nancy to investigate. The audience doesn't see what it is, nor does Nancy, but what Christine sees and describes is terrifying. 3. The...
  4. Prop Showcase: The Poltergeist Pub

    Halloween Props
    I'm finally getting around to sorting through videos and pictures of last year's display and wanted to share a new section I was pretty happy with - The Poltergeist Pub! Yes, that song was stuck in my head for weeks after Halloween... The nice thing about building a bar like this was that...
  5. Other: Poltergeist Movie Voice Files site found

    Halloween Props
    Hi Gang, I was surfing for little Carol Anne's voice files from the movie "Poltergeist" and found them all in a dedicated fan site. I'll be using some in my latest prop build...haunted animated TV. Hope it helped out someone else who has been searching. -Doc