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  1. Member Introduction
    The poll shows 29 Kentuckians. I'm sure there are more that have not answered the poll!... I think we should each report in with our counties so that we might work together and share ideas in person as well as online! Madison County here!
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Really torn between these ideas... I kind of love all of them, but really can't decide! Thank you in advance! For reference, here are some photos. These are just really general ideas of the direction I'd go Harley: Witch: Alice:: Demon:
  3. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    who's going to the haunt show on march 17, 2016? what booth you are in?
  4. Halloween Music
    What is the Best Halloween Audio Sharing Blog? I am asking your opinion of the very best Halloween Audio Sharing Blog that's ever existed, whether it still exists or not. Please restrict your answer to one blog only.
  5. Halloween Props
    My plan is to go with an all clown haunt this year. The two obvious choices are Twisty and Pennywise. I would however like some consenting opinions on which Pennywise would be best for a haunt. By all means vote and offer your opinion. Additionally what would be some good choices for...
  6. General Halloween
    I see the radio button at the bottom to make one, and the box to enter a number of options, but it doesn't seem to create a poll. Am I just doing it wrong? Cancel that, I see it now. You have to send the post before it will allow the poll options to show. :D
  7. Halloween Crafts
    Ok peeps starting to work on 2015 craft of the month poll these items below were on list from last poll we did not use what other items would you like to see on it . please post up any ideas I will create a poll soon for everyone to vote on again . • Mummy • Medieval • Freakish photo(s)...
  8. Halloween Props
    I decided to make poll on my budget, i have about $70 to spend and i dont know what time buy so give me your vote! The poll is between spending money on a pico boo because i do not have a controller for my electrical transformer prop yet, the second is e- crackers for my electrical transformer...
  9. General Halloween
    This is a poll. What scares you or creeps you out the most the most? Child things like cemeteries, clowns, zombies, lunatics (hannibal lector), etc. I want to get a feel for what scares the most so I can use it to decorate for this year and get some props built.
1-9 of 11 Results