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  1. Do you have any limits regarding taste and decency when creating your yard haunts?

    General Halloween
    As with any decorating, certain judgement calls come up when creatively expressing ourselves through our Halloween haunts. I bring this up because I've only been having fun with this for a handful of years, yet I've already run into quandaries. Just in the first and second years in this...
  2. Mausoleums On a Tight Budget

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Making props in our house is a combination of two things… a love of Halloween and a budget of a church mouse. It does take a bit of patience to find the right things for free or low cost, but it’s part of Halloween for us. Our treats are finding things we can use for props and our trick is...
  3. Keep your red and blue out of my orange and black! A challenge to our neighbors

    General Halloween
    Years ago during another election I actually saw parents yelling at each other on a lawn on Halloween over a STUPID political sign while their kids watched. I went over and broke it up, mainly because I was bigger than they were :D But in all seriousness I saw what it was doing to their...
  4. Keep your Red and Blue out of my Orange and Black!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Something else goes up during this time of year besides our awesome Halloween stuff. Political signs!! Now of course we all have our own views and favorite candidates but wouldn't it be nice if everyone just put their signs away for one night and let the kids enjoy themselves without some...
  5. The Lindamood Family haunts

    General Halloween
    I was searching for halloween volcanoes (don't ask) and came upon the website for the Lindamood family where I found their Tiki Halloween 2005 webpage. They had a volcano that spewed actual fire from the top it appears. Then checked out their other yearly haunt photos from 2002 to 2013. Thought...