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  1. Long time lurker first time poster

    Member Introduction
    So, I've been lurking and stalking around this site for years, cultivating creative juices and such (SERIOUSLY CLEVER AND BRILLIANT STUFF 'ROUND HERE). I guess I just never mustered up the courage to officially join you masters of the craft. THANKS ANXIETY! Ha ha blood, guts, gore. Phobias...
  2. Pokemon GO Theme

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello all. Longtime member but infrequent poster here. There are a lot of little children in my neighborhood. For that reason this year I have decided to go whimsical and not scary. Given that this past summer there has been a pretty big craze with the Pokemon GO mobile game, I have decided to...
  3. Static: ghost pokemon decorations

    Halloween Props
    hey every one so i was thinking that with the increase in popularity of pokemon this year i want to try to make some pokemon decorations for the yard. i was wondering if any one else had made some and had some pointers for me to try. I'm thinking i would just start with the 3 original ghost...