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  1. Horror Podcast - The Magnus Archives

    Horror Discussion
    If anyone likes horror, short stories, and podcasts - have I got the show for you! It's called The Magnus Archives, and my fiancée and I have been listening to it obsessively for weeks after some friends recommended it to us, and it's really helped set the Halloween mood. Here's a summary from...
  2. Facebook Pages & Podcasts

    General Halloween
    I was just curious what Halloween/Horror/Creepy Facebook Pages & Podcasts people LIKE and listen too. I'm really looking for a new podcast to listen to at work and I just re-purposed my facebook page (signature) and thought it was worth mentioning. My podcast recommendations: Alone in the...
  3. Halloween or Autumn Podcasts?

    Halloween Music
    Does anyone listen to any Halloween or autumn podcasts? :)
  4. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Phantom of the Opera, Sid Haig, Podcasters roundtable, more

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Big Scary Show – Episode 112 – Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts Episode 112 It sounds like someone called “Meathook Jim” beat and butchered the Unknown Scare-Actor! Build season is under way but us podcasters are already prepared. The Roundtable of Terror features Industry related podcasts, as we...
  5. Halloween Podcasts

    General Halloween
    I need new podcasts to listen to while I work. Was wondering if any of you know of any other story-based creepy podcasts that are good. I'm a "Lore" and "Sasquatch Chronicles" fan.
  6. The Every Day is Halloween Podcast!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi spooky friends! I'm a long time lurker and I figured I'd finally make myself known. My name is Horror Guy Keenan and I host The Every Day is Halloween Podcast for Wizard World! I hosted BloodyDisgusting's News from the Crypt podcast since 2006 and 'Every Day' is my new personal venture...
  7. Free "classic" horror movies and other iTunes finds

    Horror Discussion
    Just started digging around the itunes store and came across the ACM (Archive Classic Movies) podcast. They've posted copies of Nosferatu, Carnival of Souls, the Vincent Price version of House on Haunted Hill, the Brain That Wouldn't Die and more for free download. Quality isn't amazing but it's...