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  1. Annabelle Fitswell's Tombstone Animatronic

    I wanted to create a Tombstone that would both look good during the day as well as at night. I also wanted a back story and for this one: "It is the tragic story of a young girl seduced by the son of the evil Count... Anabelle was young, beautiful and wanted to attend the countries university...
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  2. General Halloween
    I am just finishing my pneumatic zombie ground breaker and I am looking for some help as time is running out. :o I am hoping someone has a favorite MP3 file that they would be willing to share for my active zombie. I already have the ambient sound but need about a 30 second zombie...
  3. Halloween Props
    been doing some online early halloween shopping and need to take the home haunt up a level. Instead of all the store bought animated props, I want to start using my air compressor. BUT, I think before that I should look into the motor props first. So been trying to decide what wiper motors to...
  4. Halloween Props
    I've got 5 solenoids for my pnuematics. I had 2 of them fail right before the Trick or Treaters arrived. Both of them were tested a week ago, and one of the two did show an indication that it might fail "open" (it was an air blaster). The bigger suprise was a new 3-way solenoid that failed...
  5. Halloween Props
    This prop was a concept for 2010, and was a huge hit. It consists of a Graveyard pedestal, gargoyle, and wings (which were fashioned from a beach umbrella,which had hit the end of its life). The pedestal is made from wood & foam, the gargoyle is a static prop (with glowing eyes during the...
  6. Halloween Props
    Ok, I am building my first prop. I appreciate all the help that you guys have given me. I understand what I need to get for my air compressor. The thing that I don't get is how to connect it to my prop. Is there a device that I need? Or do I need to buy a special adapter for the prop? I am a...
  7. Halloween Props
    Some people wanted to see the guts of my CTT prop, so here you go.
1-7 of 7 Results