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  1. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for any old pneumatic animatronics that you want to get rid of. I’ll pickup in the northeast, NY, and NJ area. Please let me know of anything that you have.
  2. Member Introduction
    I’ve been working on props and animatronics for the past 10 years. I’ve designed pneumatic systems and proper distribution systems for all their spooky needs. I offer consultation services and also repair services. I came across this website. I’ve enjoyed my time at the haunt I have worked with...
  3. solenoidValves-easy.jpg

    Diagram for solenoid valve flow, trying to make it easier than the tech diagrams. if you want additional solenoids added, let me know what kind via PM and I'll update.
  4. Halloween Props
    Okay, So this pneumatic jumper was one of the first props i built and is even my avatar. The first version actually started life as a bicycle pump and had a few revisions in between. Before last halloween we decided it was time for a full overhaul so that we wouldn't have to touch it again and...
  5. 4D Halloween Motion Theater (2018)

    This is a 2DOF motion platform that is made to haul 2 rows of seats and seat 6 passengers. It used a Ultra Short Throw projector (an EST-P1) and a promethean interactive smart board for the mount and the projection screen. It originally used Anaglyph 3D, pictured, but now uses Active Shutter...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hi All, This year I decided to venture into air props, and started with the classic groundbreaker. I am using the kit from FrightProps, and the design from Casa Fear. I got everything assembled and hooked up, and started testing. Initially all looked good, but after the first few tests I...
  7. Halloween Props
    This is my first pneumatic prop. Took quite a while to build but I think I nailed it. https://youtu.be/THqKUKv38cA
  8. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I decided that instead of uploading these files in a one by one thread, I'd upload these to my Keep and Share account, below is a list of the available files, each one is a direct link to that file. Some are no longer online, you will see some that are obviously still online (there is one here...
  9. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    In the summer I posted two proof-of-concept videos about pneumatic props that could switch back and forth between being Christmas or Halloween decorations. I wanted them for a "Christmas vs. Halloween" display during trick-or-treat. I thought I should show the end result--not great but...
  10. Halloween Props
    Hey Haunters! So I took a much needed break after the season ended but I finally finished my video about my slender man prop. He's motion activated, runs on pneumatics and was a huge hit! He leans forward suddenly and his arms lunge out at you while he plays a sound effect from one of his video...
  11. General Halloween
    A walk through video of Canyon Trail Cemetery, our yard display located in the suburbs of Chicago. 30+ Pneumatic props along with a number of motorized and static props along with a full house façade, almost all of which were made by my Wife and me.
  12. Halloween Props
    So I'm doing a zombie fence shaker this year and it's my first-ever pneumatic prop. I got an 18gal compressor off Craigslist and will have that 50ft away so hopefully the noise doesn't ruin the rest of my scene. Connecting with a 3/8 inch hose to this flow control connector. Controlled by a...
  13. Halloween Props
    Hey all, Kinda looking/searching into more animatronic props lately (building myself) and wanna get more into electrical and motors, etc. I created this prop this year, kinda like tombstone, built outta foam and wood. Maybe weights 20lbs or so. I was thinking of raising it up and down. So...
  14. Halloween Props
    first build of the year. I love a hard deadline.....besides i won’t get burnt out designing and building props all year long.
  15. Halloween Props
    Bringing out my Chucky in a box for this Halloween, he has been in storage for awhile, it's a pneumatic prop I made a few years back. Let me know what you think.
  16. Member Introduction
    Hi, Im Rob from San Antonio Tx. I love Halloween and especially making my own props primarily I like to make pneumatic props and sometimes static props. I love the challenge and passing on my ideas to anyone wanting to learn how its done. so Hello to all of you.
  17. Halloween Props
    I would like to show my Halloween 2018 prop I've been working on. It's a pneumatic stand up skeleton controlled by an Arduino. It's triggered by a laser trip wire, though I'm might change it back to PIR The eyes and ribs flashing is to let me know when the program is finished, so that might...
  18. Halloween Props
    Hello, I have a scissor mech that I want to hook up to a prop to automatically extend. Any thoughts or diy to automatically extend using a motor or something besides a pneumatic cylinder? Thanks
  19. Halloween Props
    Hi. With great advice, I'm making a gizmo to turn a tombstone into a Christmas package using a pneumatic cylinder and an up-and-down motion. https://www.halloweenforum.com/tutorials-and-step-by-step/197801-early-work-tombstone-flipper.html I'd like to have another prop--also changing from a...
1-20 of 138 Results