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  1. Halloween Props
    One of my many pneumatic props. I learned to weld for this prop. https://vimeo.com/144306195
  2. Halloween Props
    Looking to build my first pneumatic prop in the next few days. Any thoughts on where is a good beginner place to start? Looking for something with a startle scare effect to it that can be build in several days by a handy person. Where did you start?
  3. For Sale By Merchants
    Hi Guys, We have multiple bins of new, used, & surplus 24V SMC valves and manifolds that we've been storing for years, and its time to part ways. If you're interested please send me an email with quantities and types your looking for to [email protected] and I'll snap pictures and provide...
  4. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    With the big day just months away and most construction already in full swing; Its time for DC Design's Annual Mid-Season & 4th of July Sale! If you missed our Transworld sale, don't miss out on the next best opportunity to take 15% off on all our Animations, Mechanisms, Props, & Startle...
  5. Halloween Props
    Halloween 2013 dusk walk through of Shadowfang Keep. Many new props this year. Zombie cage, zombie spinning wheel game, gibbet cage, thrashing body, eyeball room with jetted fog and tentacle beast. Enjoy!....Thanks for watching.
  6. Halloween Props
    This is by far my Greatest Prop to date. It took me 6 months to build. Hope you like it. There is a 13 part video for this prop on my You Tube page "Widowmakerproduction"
  7. Halloween Props
    I built four coffins this year....I have people out there that I don't like. I was unable to fill the coffins with people that I don't like so I turned them into props instead. The first one is just a static display. The second one is a variation on the Monster in a Box theme.... I call mine...
1-7 of 7 Results