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  1. Halloween Props
    anyone know of a plastic sheet which can be formed with a heat gun. I want to make some breast plates and helmets for my skeleton army for next year.
  2. General Halloween
    Now, if I could just put a big skull on the hood....
  3. General Halloween
    This year I would like to create a walk through cemetery that is essentially a half circle with fencing on both sides of the walking path. Ideally I would like to have some pressure plates that animate/jump scare people as they walk plus there would be cords that I want to have protected. Has...
  4. General Halloween
    Please tell me your worst Halloween habit. I'm trying not to murder my husband, but he likes to use my dinner plates as paint pallets. it drives me nuts. He says, "I'll peal it off when it dries." Does he, nope! Three months later, he still has not cleaned my plates. P.S. At least he...
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hello fellow haunters! In my never-ending quest to keep money rolling in while unemployed, I'm offering some switch plates for your haunt (or home). They're $6 each finished (as pictured) or if you want to paint them yourself, they're available for $4 each unfinished. Send me a PM if you're...
1-5 of 6 Results