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  1. 2019 Pumpkin Growers Thread

    General Halloween
    Happy New Year to all the Halloween loving pumpkin growers. Ooojen mentioned it was time for a new thread, and what ooojen wants, she gets. :D Yes, I am in full seed buying mode. I am following the Giant Pumpkin seed auctions closely. Here is a link to the auction list...
  2. Static: My creepy plants

    Halloween Props
    Made mainly out of DollarTree and HobbyLobby stuff.
  3. Evil Vines Cemetery 2016... finally!

    General Halloween
    I finally had time to go through all the photos and pick these 20 favorites to share with my fellow haunters. In 2016 I worked more on adding finishing details, lighting, and changing the cemetery (front yard) from grass to drought tolerant plants than builiding big, new props. Still working...
  4. Static: Audrey II

    Halloween Props
    This is my first time posting here. I'm a fellow Halloweenaholic and I've really enjoyed lurking here and seeing everybody's great ideas. I'm posting my latest creation - Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. I decided it was time for my love of Halloween and my Love of plants to intersect...
  5. Other: Cemetery Props in Drought Tolerant Landscaping

    Halloween Props
    This year we have decided to convert the small grass area in our front yard to CA natives and other drought tolerant plants. When I told my neighbors about our plans, the first question everyone asked was "what will happen to the Halloween cemetery?" It made me smile that our neighbors were as...
  6. Floral larger than life size plants

    Halloween Crafts
    Anyone have any ideas on how to make plants that are oversized? IE a philodendron with 3ft long leaves? Or something of the sort? i want oversized plants to make it look like the inside of my house is a giant rainforest...
  7. Avatar Movie Theme Help

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey Guys, I'm switching it up this year, no scary gore...we want to transport our guests to the planet of Pandora (from the movie Avatar). Below is what i'm thinking so far, i would love any further ideas or suggestions for improvements, thanks! - Entrance: we have a huge Live Oak tree in our...