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  1. Halloween Props
    Taking into account the obvious issues, ultimately your choice, etc.., I have the good fortune of purchasing a new home with a huge front yard (nearly five times the size of my current yard) and have been toying with the idea of either a massive expansion of my current theme or going a totally...
  2. Halloween Props
    We thought you might like a short walk through of our 2015 edition of Pirate's Cove, complete with new prop... our Rum Chuggin' Grave Digger.
  3. General Halloween
    Watching my favorite movies with my pirate Halloween display. I love the pirate theme very much. You might be able to tell. LOL. Recorded this with my phone light on. It's much better than the video captured.
  4. Halloween Props
    Pre run of my pirate display in my garage. Still need to dirty up some costumes and do a bunch of touch ups on lighting. The fog machine was off when I took this. It goes off every so often which adds a nice touch. I had to have my phone light on for recording. I think it's wayyyy better in...
  5. Member Introduction
    Hi all, I've been lurking here for years and finally jumped in. We haven't done anything spooky for Halloween in a while - usually a theme like pirates or spacemen or Jurassic World (this year - totally looking forward to seeing it come together). Joey / Guywithmonsters :-)
  6. Halloween Props
    Well here are the first very rough photos of my layout. Just the very rough initial layout. I hope to start putting things in order by this weekend. Lots to do but I want to get it pretty much in place by the 1st.
  7. General Halloween
    Pirates aren't my thing, so I didn't save the link.... A guy at work mentioned he was thinking of building a pirate playset for his kids. I recall someone on here making a pirate boat for their party that people were actually able to get on. Anyone recall? Have I lost my mind?
  8. Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone have these for sale the Gemmy 5ft dancing pirate skeleton and the 6ft animated pirate
  9. General Halloween
    I've been meaning to post about this guy, Rich, who always enjoyed pirate themes....and well one backyard project lead to another (you know how that goes) and started turning his backyard into a tropical pirates cove. Well come Halloween one year his mom wanted him to go see some pirate ship...
  10. Halloween Props
  11. General Halloween
    http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/05/world/gallery/beauty-from-the-crypt/ Some of these remind me of Pirates in the Caribbean.
  12. Halloween Props
    Yaaarrr!!!!! We finally got our video together of the latest instalment of our garage haunt Pirate's Cove. We had a great turnout this year, roughly 180 kids, which completely shattered our previous record of 120! No doubt being on a Friday, and the weather cooperated, but of course we like to...
  13. General Halloween
    Ahoy fellow shipmates! Well all I can say is, I have never been so tired in all my life! The Dead Pirates Party has been and gone, took two days to set up props, lighting, food etc then another full day to tidy up. It was all worth it though, had a really great night, everyone loved it and...
  14. General Halloween
    The Pirates have returned. Driveway is almost 100ft long. Added to the pumpkin patch this year ... singing pumpkins & a corn field. Pirate pumpkin Potato-Head.
  15. Halloween Props
    As my theme is Dead Pirates this year, I have been looking on-line and in the stores for a DVD like the Atmosfear style ones that have ghost/skeleton pirates on theme that I wanted to project onto my garage door, but I can't seem to find any on this theme. Do any of you guys already have one...
  16. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    $12 + shipping for both pirates cove and pirates no tresp - both metal this 15 inches wide x 5 tall this one 17 inches by 10 inches: 2. Pirate pics: $18 plus shipping for both of these: this is 12x 18 and lights up as shown, a kind of canvas. this one 8 x10 plastic:
  17. Halloween Props
    I am doing Dead Pirates theme this year, and going on the idea that once again the UK weather will ruin any ideas of putting props outside, I was looking at the huge TV and stand in the living room and thinking...what I am going to do with that thing.....? Too big to start to moving, so had to...
  18. General Halloween
    I don't know if anyone posted this yet. But, serious pirate display. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2786821/Shiver-timbers-Ohio-Halloween-house-run-size-pirate-ship.html
  19. Halloween Props
    Just thought I would share with you a little project I made over the weekend. As my theme is dead pirates this year, (and going on the fact that in the UK it will probably rain again so everything will have to be indoors) I wanted to make a surround for my living room door and came up with the...
  20. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I am having a halloween birthday party for my Daughter who is going to be 15. Everyone is coming as dead pirates and we are themeing on those from Pirates of the Carribean from Flying Dutchman, all my props deco are kind of dead from under the sea looking, but I am struggling with ideas for the...