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  1. Pirates of the Caribbean wooden sign

    Halloween Props
  2. Pirate carousing and general tomfoolery in 2019

    Halloween Props
    This all started last Halloween, 2018. I was dressed in my grim reaper costume, standing very stoic and still as the unsuspecting ToTr's wandered up to my wife for their loot. I would then become animate and move very slowly, yet deliberately toward them. A good scare was had by all, and they...
  3. Blackbeard Tombstone

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Note: This is a repost of an old tutorial whose links to pictures were broken with the software update at HF. JustWhisper was my Secret Reapee and she had a wonderful 'like' - pirates! Always made a tombstone for my SR's gift and was thrilled to have the challenge of making a pirate tombstone...
  4. Animation of finished Blackbeard Tombstone

    Animation of finished Blackbeard Tombstone

    360 of finished Blackbeard Tombstone
  5. Pirates and Sea Witches ... Halloween Dinner Party 2019

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I have decided that I will do a Dinner Party for Halloween 2019 ... Pirates and Sea Witches ... and this will be held on a Pirate Ship where Pirates and Sea Witches will attend a sit down dinner. I have had a bit of time on my hands and have been scouring Pinterest and HF to find some type of...
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean music

    Halloween Music
    Just a mix I did. If anyone wants the mp3 version, let me know. [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ4RQ8UkrHI&feature=youtu.be
  7. Static: Pirate ship and all things Pirates

    Halloween Props
    Setting up a pirate themed room next year in our towns big haunted house. Need ideas on a realistic pirate ship, about 8-10 feet long max. Also any decorating ideas all being pirate related. Already have a hammock and jail planned. Interested in seeing photos of all your past pirate haunts...
  8. Already Planning 2019 Yard Display!

    General Halloween
    So I usually go all out and do a massive yard display every year. I havent been able to for the last couple years but will finally have the space next year. I want to re-do the pirate ship I did a few years ago, but I want to make it look like its on the bottom of the ocean and do a full...
  9. Electronic/Software: Rising crucifix help.

    Halloween Props
    To get you up to speed, we are doing for the third time, a large haunted house for our town. We have an old cool looking "Depot". Used to be a place where trains dropped off products back in the day. We will have 7 evenly spaced "haunt rooms" Each room is 20 X 17 feet and will flow into each...
  10. Static: Pirate Treasure Chest

    Halloween Props
    I've been wanting to add a big treasure chest to my Pirate's Graveyard display for a long time now but could never find one that was big enough or at a price I was willing to pay so I finally broke down and built one myself. The chest measures 30x24x18 and cost less than $20 in materials...
  11. How did your party go?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My husband and I had a Halloween game night last night! We had invited five people, but two (roommates) were unable to make it due to being ill. Lots of leftovers (ham sandwiches, mashed potatoes, meatballs, chips, pop - the chip dip and veggies all went, though!). As for the games, we played...
  12. Prop Showcase: 2018 - Strangling Sisters Haunted CarnEvil Circus - Underway!

    Halloween Props
    Welcome to the Scariest Show on Earth - 2018! So we change our theme every year - which I don't recommend because the neighbors now EXPECT something new and different! I've been barely able to keep up with our website and the forum - but am determined to show some love here on the one and only...
  13. Static: Cursed Pirates

    Halloween Props
    This years addition to the yard, Cursed Pirates. You can to https://www.instructables.com/id/Cursed-Pirates/ to see more detailed images and information on how it was made. If you Like the post, please consider voting for me. Happy Halloween.
  14. Prop Showcase: Our 2018 haunt so far - Pirates!

    Halloween Props
    We're still in the process of putting out a few props each day, but here's what's out so far. I'll post an update this weekend when we put up more fun stuff! Our theme sign Our door surround Our giant crab in day and under black spot lights And our partial pirate ship The...
  15. Prop Showcase: Westcoastwellers Haunts over the years

    Halloween Props
    Folks, I've for years lurked here checking out stuff and finally taking time to show you mine. I'm doing spiders this year and will post my progress, ideas, and crafts. I'll have more for the 2016 Castle and the 2017 Mummys soon... Cheers! 2010 2014 2015
  16. Hi from Alabama!

    Member Introduction
    I've been stalking the pirate threads for a few months but just getting around to joining. I've always wanted to do a cool haunt but have never been able to justify the time or expense. I have two small boys who are obsessed with pirates so the wheels started spinning and I justified it to the...
  17. Prop Showcase: Original Jolly Roger Tribute

    Halloween Props
    Now that Halloween is done I thought I would post my labor of love. Not entirely accurate, but I think is a nice homage to the guy that greeted me into the Pirates of the Caribbean when I was a kid. He talks but I don't have video of him from this year. I'll have to record some tonight.
  18. This one's for Shadowcaster!

    General Halloween
    So it seems that I live only a half-neighborhood away from a fellow forum member, and only found out about it last night! Shadowcaster came by my yard to see what all the fuss was about; my two sons were escorting their little sister around for ToT, and came upon his awesome yard display, and...
  19. I kicked ALL the skeletons OUT this morning!!

    General Halloween
    I had every intention of keeping my display of pirate skeletons in our dining room, where I placed them back in August. My front yard has been lit since the last week of September, and we were going to allow our friends and older ToT'rs to come into our foyer and see the dining room display...