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    Ahoy fellow haunters! A shot across the bow from behind the Orange Curtain (Costa Mesa, CA). The weather this Halloween was crisp & clear but the turnout was shockingly low. I guess the churches & schools are winning. Of course, that'll never stop us from building! Here are some pictures from...
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    Hi all. I'm working on my Pirates of the Caribbean haunt and found a recording of the actual ride at disneyland. It's a .wav file of "Dead Men Tell No Tales!": http://graveyard-duck.com/pages/disneyland.html I downloaded it, and it sounds a little rough. Any suggestions on how to "clean up"...
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    After a couple weeks browsing these forums and gathering ideas I completed a Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween yard display. My inspiration, like many of you, was taken from the Disney attraction. I'll try to post a video as well. Thanks for contributing to these boards and making the...