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  1. General Halloween
    Hey everyone, had a great Halloween. Our neighborhood is kind of anti-decorating for any holiday, so we were the only house on the street that was decorated. This normally means we get 4 to 6 TOTs. But this year we said, heck with them we're going big! So our first pirate theme was launched...
  2. Halloween Props
    Our house is waterfront. We have a 95’ seawall & 2 large davits on the seawall. Every year I throw a Spooky Soirée but as we just moved to this new home and it’s on the gulf I’m making this years theme with Pirates & Mermaids. Any idea how to use these for props? I want to decorate the...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! It’s been a bit. I’ve been working on this motion activated talking skull I wanted to share with all of you. I think it’s coming along pretty nicely. it’s all entirely battery operated so it can be placed nearly anywhere. Vimeo Link The skull is running off of one of @J-Man...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hello! Wondering if anyone has used Spectral Illusions Projections? Doing a pirate theme this year (I know, another pirate themed yard lol but we’ve never done one) and I’m unimpressed by the few Pirate projections I’ve found. Spectral illusions has a few but I’ve never purchased from them. Thanks!
  5. Skeleton Pirate Bartender

    Hey everyone! Here’s my latest project now that I’ve had time to work on the projects I’ve always wanted to build. Meet Jerry! My personal haunted pirate bartender. I hope you enjoy! I‘m happy to be a part of this great community!
  6. Corpsed parrot for my pirate skeleton

    He has 1 pearl eye, one patch, a leg splint and random green feathers. I also pierced his beak like a muari warrior. i
  7. "Ye Be Warned"

    My welcome pirate. "Pirates Ye Be Warned"
  8. Cannon Guard

    Pirate guarding the cannon, with loot.
  9. Sword Fight

    Sword fight pirate, too much rum
  10. Cannon Guard 2

    Pirate guarding the main cannon, rum, sword through the chest
  11. Pirate Welcome

    Our pirate who welcomes kids to the front door
  12. Screenshot_20190925-220255_Gallery.jpg

    One of my favorite creations! DIY pirate cannon made of styrofoam board and a concrete tube.
  13. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Note: This is a repost of an old tutorial whose links to pictures were broken with the software update at HF. Captain Daniel was the theme picked by Chris over at Hauntcast for his tombstone. I made this stone for him as a thank you for bringing Hauntcast back from the grave. This tutorial will...
  14. animation25.gif

    Animation of the Captain Daniel Tombstone
  15. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I have decided that I will do a Dinner Party for Halloween 2019 ... Pirates and Sea Witches ... and this will be held on a Pirate Ship where Pirates and Sea Witches will attend a sit down dinner. I have had a bit of time on my hands and have been scouring Pinterest and HF to find some type of...
1-19 of 237 Results