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  1. Halloween Props
    Hi All! We go camping every year around Halloween, and the entire part encourages everyone to decorate... there is a free night stay involved. We have a pirate theme, and are planning on going all out next year. We want to build some kind of pirate ship ( Black Pearlish) to cover the front of...
  2. Halloween Props
    When people ask me what I'm doing over the weekend I love saying "Oh you know, just working on my boat"! Here's a pic as I'm adjusting the lights... (If the pic comes out upside down, as it is in the preview, maybe someone can help me correct that...(don't know how to fix))
  3. Halloween Props
    Or should I say came through!! This was built for our Pirate themed party this past weekend. Our guests entered through the opening in the side
  4. Halloween Props
    We built a pirate ship to raise awarness to Hunger in our community. We had a huge food drive for 3 weeks before halloween. We are new at this so be kind. We are newbies at decorating for halloween.
  5. General Halloween
    Started building a pirate ship haunt for kids in Massillon, Ohio. The frame of the ship is made from donated pallets. I signed on for this build because its for a charity food drive for the less fortunate.
  6. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Pirate Ship Prop...St. Louis, MO. ... SOLD...The total length is about 24 feet and the middle width 4.5 to 5 feet wide, to allow if on a trailer bed for a float. The back stern height is 7 feet and the port and starboard sides are about 4.5 feet tall. The sail masts go way up. The ship is fully...
  7. General Halloween
    I've been meaning to post about this guy, Rich, who always enjoyed pirate themes....and well one backyard project lead to another (you know how that goes) and started turning his backyard into a tropical pirates cove. Well come Halloween one year his mom wanted him to go see some pirate ship...
  8. Halloween Props
    So, we finally got around to decorating our Pirate Ship Segway with some lights, mostly for safety since it will be ridden at night. Ok... not ENTIRELY for safety! :D For fun, too! Check it out.
  9. Halloween Props
    I'm looking for pirate sounds effect that I can play on a loop on Halloween. i have found several short sound effects but a 30 second loop is going to drive me crazy! Has anyone heard a longer sound effect - ocean, ship, fighting, cannons...?
  10. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Pirate Ship Facade for sale near Sacramento, CA. $500 THIS ITEM IS SOLD Are you looking for the Halloween prop to WOW the kids? A true pirate at heart? I'm selling my custom built 35 foot Pirate Ship! It's made out of corrugated plastice sheets (stores easy!) and a 2x4 frame. The frame...
    I want to make a Homemade pirate ship. Not the whole ship but just the front part with a tower. I have no idea how to go about it and have it be affordable. not huge but a good size for the yard any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Halloween Props
    I want to make a Homemade pirate ship but I have no idea how to go about it Any help would be greatly appreciated. doesnt have to be the whole ship, maybe just the front with a crows nest
  13. Halloween Props
    Hey Guys! just finished the last of my pirate ship let me know what you think! I dont have them running but there are working cannons on the side of the ship! http://i452.photobucket.com/albums/qq241/brysonrodriguez/IMG_20101007_183800.jpg...
  14. Halloween Props
    Hey haunters, Im new to the forum so this is my first post. This is the second year ive been doing my yard haunt and i do strictly pirate props. I just finished my first props of 2010 and i thought i would see what you guys think. Ill keep posting my progress and show my finished ship when im...
  15. Halloween Props
    After a couple weeks browsing these forums and gathering ideas I completed a Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween yard display. My inspiration, like many of you, was taken from the Disney attraction. I'll try to post a video as well. Thanks for contributing to these boards and making the...
  16. Halloween Props
    I'm finishing a pirate ship in my front yard (photos will be posted later this week). I've got the mast up, but I want to have a rope ladder extending downward to the ship. Every photo I've seen of sailing ships has these ladders. They are made of 4-6 pieces of rope, extending down to the...
  17. Halloween Props
    Last weekend we started some of our framework on 1 of our 2 ships that we will have set up on the BIG night. I thought I would go ahead and post some of those pictures of what we have so far. I actually don't get to help much this year as I am about 8 1/2 months pregnant, so I am the official...
  18. Halloween Props
    Does anyone have experience modifying fogger timers? I am trying to fire a pirate ship cannon fire (fog), incorporating light and sound. The cannon is built from 4" black pvc pipe. I have a number of 400W fog machines with remote variable timers for them . The variable timers are made by...
1-18 of 18 Results