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  1. Halloween Props
    I'm going to build a "Monster in a box" prop this year. Actually it will be a "Monster in a Coffin" but the effect will be similar. I want to use the prop controller from Monster Guts in my title. I don't want the controller however to be triggered, but to run continuously on a loop. Fright...
  2. Halloween Props
    I recently obtained a Harvester from a local yard sale. Cosmetically, he is in great condition. No dirt anywhere on his inside or his clothes. The problem I am having is with his head rising mechanism. His eyes, mouth, and head turn all work great, however his head doesn't lift up or down. You...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello, I recently purchased a Helga the fortune teller MR124150 off a local for sale forum. The prop is complete but the previous owner removed the plug in wiring pins from the circuit board to disassemble for storage. I was curious if anyone has this prop and can take a picture of the circuit...
  4. For Sale By Merchants
    Hey gang, we've got a couple of new horror pins available. Two different designs, plus both pins glow in the dark! Perfect for the Halloween season, or wearing when you go see The Nun movie in a couple of weeks! You can check them out here...
  5. For Sale By Merchants
    Hello, I want to show you halloween engraved rolling pins. Price only 27$ + shipping cost! We send it by express, maximum 14days delivery. Look my shop and category, halloween: http://www.inmywood.com/?product_cat=halloween On shop many other rolling pins for birthday, christmas or wedding...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone i am new to the site, I have bought a graveyard scene setter and i was wondering best way to hang it, i tried sticky tack last year and it fell down, My walls are concrete and wallpapered so pins don't go in and i can't use tape. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  7. Boo

    Member Introduction
    Hi, my name is Sara, I have 4 kids in my home who lives Halloween just as much as me. I've often followed pins to articles on this site and have finally decided to join in the fun.
  8. Halloween Costume Ideas
    My daughter has decided to be the Bride of Frankenstein this year. We have her dress done, and I have been working on makeup for her. The only thing left is the most important part - her hair. My daughter has very very long, thick, curly hair; which makes it very heavy and hard to hold up...
1-8 of 9 Results