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  1. LED pin Spotlights

    For Sale By Merchants
    Colors are warm white, cold white, red, green yellow, UV, orange and blue. $3. each plus shipping. These are the same LED's @ used in THE HAUNT in Michigan that got this "glowing" review from Scarefactor.com--"Lighting in the attractions was understated and effective, favoring smaller “pin...
  2. Witchy Swamp Lanterns

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I know how popular these are, and I LOVE the effect they give to just about any swampy or witchy scene. So I decided to make my own! I'll post some step-by-steps with pictures here in the coming days. I've seen lots of versions of these over the years, and I've watched a couple tutorials...
  3. NEW 2019 PRODUCT RELEASE from Haunt Hobbyist: THE VOICE BOX

    For Sale By Merchants
    Give your Costume Character a Voice! We got a lot of requests from our customers who wanted an "ALL IN ONE" Speaker that is Programmable, Portable, Light Weight, Awesome Sound Quality, and can be Triggered with your hand so your costume character can talk. Just Program your Voices/Sounds (8MB...
  4. Lighting: Where to get pin light?

    Halloween Props
    I'm wondering what folks use for a small pin light (very low lumens). I could buy a cheap battery powered LED pen light, but would love to find something that could be activated with remote and would consider plug in.
  5. Fog: Fog Machine timer

    Halloween Props
    Hi Forum, i recently got an el-cheapo fog machine (220V) to use this year for halloween - it has a wireless remote etc.. but i was seeking a timer remote (so i can leave it to do its fog stuff) its fitted with a 3 pin XLR but most timers are 5 pin- so a bit lost- given its 3 pin i cant...
  6. Friday the 13th & Halloween Enamel Pins, T-Shirts, Prints & More

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey everyone, over the last several months, I've started and have been slowly building my own brand called Pixel Elixir (http://www.pixelelixir.com). I create and sell pins, t-shirts, giclee art prints and other stuff. It's not exclusively horror or Halloween-focused, but it does lean heavily in...
  7. Ugly Things Need Love Too!

    General Halloween
    I just got this from Zulilly & it's the fugliest thing I've ever seen. It was so horrible I was COMPELLED TO BUY IT!! I was awestruck by it's ugliness when I opened the envelope & knew it was going to be my new favourite Halloween pin. It almost makes up for all the other broken stuff that came...
  8. Connecting 2 Fog Machines Together Please Help!

    General Halloween
    Hey guys, this might be a shot in the dark but was wondering if anyone knows how to connect 2 VEI 950 Fog Machines together in Series? It doesn't say in the manual and I can't get a hold of anybody at VEI and they no longer make this model fog machine. I know you can do it cause it says you can...
  9. RGB lights and df robot ssc 32 contrlor

    Halloween Props
    Hi to all happy Halloween I am trying to use some RGB lights to this controller it's a DF Robot SSC 32 it says to put it in relay mode put I don't see how you do this l don't want to do something wrong and what do they mean by low pin & high pin state? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Bob
  10. Up Your Lighting Game - Inexpensive Multi-Colored Pin Lights

    General Halloween
    Here's a quick project that you could do in an evening to take your lighting up a notch - Pin lights - those tiny, hidden lights that add just the right amount of magic to everything... Here's a quick and CHEAP method I've used to build these. Let's do this! Materials: Amazon LED...
  11. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, Used to decorate a lot when I was a kid, and also in my earlier adult life. Kind of phased out for a number of years, but we're about to get back into it. Found a pin on Pinterest that led me here. Looking forward to learning and hopefully helping others.
  12. Using DMX control with VSA How to work with the BoC board.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    OK, let’s get started with our Board of Chuckie (BoC) DMX tutorial. This year, I switched over to DMX to run my Skeleton Quartet that I call Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers. It GREATLY reduced the wiring needed, improved the stability of the servos and made setting up and tearing down a 10...
  13. Question on "pin it" button

    Off-Topic Stuff
    There are so many great pictures on here. Why do some pictures have the "pin it" button next to them, and some do not? I want to pin several pictures, but some do not have the "pin it" button.
  14. Electronic/Software: Triggerable Video How-to

    Halloween Props
    Hello guys and ghouls, I was tapped to help with some new effects in House of Restless Spirits this year, including figuring out how to get some video to be triggerable. The bad news is, due to circumstances beyond their control, the haunt won't be up this year, for the first time in 17 years...
  15. Stuffing Halloween into tiny jars.

    Halloween Props
    Whenever I get stressed out and need to calm my nerves, I resort to assembling tiny little miniatures in jars. One might expect these builds to induce stress, but they have the opposite effect for me. They completely consume all my attention leaving not much thought for any other worldly...