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  1. Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Costume- HELP!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Our 7 year old just watched 'The Force Awakens' and is now in love with X-Wings, to the point he wants to go as a pilot for Halloween...I've researched online and there are a few costumes which look 'okay', but reviews are mixed, so I'm asking the collective for advice... 1) Can anyone...
  2. Mechanical: Need help keeping a fire breathing gargoyle lit

    Halloween Props
    I built a fire breathing gargoyle using propane, a pilot light and a solenoid. The video below shows it in an older form. The problem I have is that when it breaths fire it often will blow the pilot light out. I tried encasing the tubing but it still blows out. This year I would like to go with...
  3. Black Mirror - twilight zoneish fun.

    Horror Discussion
    Black Mirror http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2085059/ Stumbled onto this on Netflix last night. The pilot was SO DAMN BRITISH they almost lost me. Found the whole idea rather silly. Maybe I just don't get the whole fascination with the royal family or something, whatever. If the second...
  4. How I Met Your Mother Series Finale

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Just got done watching the how i met your mother series finale, what can I say? A total blunder of a way to end the show, I invest 9 years into this show and they end by killing off the mother and Ted gets back with Robin. Seems to me that the mother was just a " sergeant vagina ”... The whole...