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  1. Static: Cemetery entry gates - a grand plan

    Halloween Props
    Hi Guys, I thought I would share with you all my grand plans for some cemetery entry gates that I plan on building for this years display, along with some other things. I have had the guys in the metal shop at work(It pays to have a good boss) who have made me up some metal frames for...
  2. Static: What to do with garage doors?

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, I'm just wondering what you all do to cover your garage doors? Last year I bought photography back drops and taped them on, they were a huge hit, the parents loved taking photos of their kids in front of them. I am changing it up a little having bought new scenes for this year. I was...
  3. Static: Anyone know where I can find...

    Halloween Props
    I got these Reaper busts a few years ago at the Dollar Tree but they haven't had them since. I use them for the top of my small pillars for the cemetery but need a few more. If anyone has any clue where to get them let me know! I thought about casting my own but haven't had the best...
  4. Prop Showcase: Gate Pillars - Lightweight and Easy to Store

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, One of my big concerns in building props is being able to store them for next year. While I have a decent size house - my decorations tend to be big - the bigger the better. This year I am building a new fence and gate and wanted to make some cool pillars. I work in the sign and...
  5. Graveyard pillars question...

    General Halloween
    Hey all. I have a question for those of you who have sizeable pillars for your graveyard gate/fencing. I saw a somewhat similar thread from a couple years ago regarding coffins, but I'm looking for more substantive solutions because I'm not setting up a week before Halloween to prevent the dead...
  6. Static: Pillar rebuild - could use ideas

    Halloween Props
    After last year I decided to redo all my fencing (it was starting to crack and break anyway) and I also want to redo my Pillars. They were very simple and I want to make sure the gate opens and closes easily without digging into the foam but I am a bit shy of ideas. I was hoping others may...
  7. Prop Showcase: Topper For Pillars

    Halloween Props
    Last year I built some pillars for a driveway entrance and I'm looking to add a topper. I'm limited on funds so I may end up not doing anything. Pic is a little rough but they are gray in color and have concrete like texture. Was thinking adding a couple hanging props to the top? I like the...
  8. So What's the Plan for Next Year?

    General Halloween
    Just got it all put away, or at least out of the yard, but I've already got ideas for next year. I realized this year that while my graveyard came out great, it was a wiring disaster. My regular plug box worked, but it was just in the middle of the graveyard behind a tombstone and I figured I...
  9. Pillars and arch

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    NEED TO MAKE ROOM!!! Looking to sell (6) pillars and (1) 11ft arch Everything is made of eps foam and coated with an exterior latex paint. The arch and pillar inserts are painted with a bronze reactive paint to get that real patina. Pillars are 7ft tall x 30in wide at the base. Arch is 11ft...
  10. Static: Halloween Down Under 2017

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, Just wanted to start this thread to share some of the props I've been making this year. Apart from the "spooky trees" and foam boards for my windows from 2016, this is the first time I've really had a go at making my own props so I'm always looking for advice or tips on what/how to do...
  11. Other: Another question about waterproofing.

    Halloween Props
    So I am redoing my graveyard pillars this year, I am using the brick Paneling from lowes. It's a wood material. So my question is can I use Thompsons waterseal to waterproof it? Should I use something else? Also the insides of the pillars have electrical outlets in them. I am thinking of...
  12. Static: Halloween pillars with built-in cd player and speaks still in progress

    Halloween Props
    Haven't made anything Halloween props for years. Giving this one a try. The pillars will have doors and a lock to keep. People from trying to take the cd player or. Speakers from inside.
  13. Static: Finally finished my pillars and sign

    Halloween Props
    :D Pillars made from cardboard, plywood and foam (thank you Terra for you tutorials on finishing foam) Walgreens skulls made to look like part of stone - Light up. Sign from plywood and PVC pipe. Built in LED lighting Would appreciate feedback Thank You Happy Halloween.
  14. Lighting: My First attempt at Pillars

    Halloween Props
    So tell me what you guys think. It's my first attempt making prop pillars and I tried to match the paint job the busts I mounted on top had.
  15. Prop Showcase: Cemetery Pillar Plaques

    Halloween Props
    I've been working on building new gates and fencing for my haunt and just completed the plaques for the pillars. I've always loved the plaques at the entry to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion and these are my take on them.
  16. Cemetery Gate and Pillars

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    I'll be making a cemetery gate entrance complete with pillars on each side topped with gargoyles. I haven't searched the forum yet but will do so shortly for ideas. Any advice is certainly welcome! My initial thoughts were pvc pipe and foam construction. Then again, I could use a light wood...
  17. Static: Cemetery Pillars- On a Budget, Out of Storage. WIP

    Halloween Props
    Hey all! I'm Brian. I used to frequent this site back when it first started but stopped posting when my family got tired of setting up our Halloween display and I went on to help with my best friend's yard. But now I'm starting from scratch with my own empty yard and I'm moving fast! Hell, I'm...
  18. Prop Showcase: cemetary pillars started

    Halloween Props
    I finally was able to start some cemetery pillars with the help of my father-in-law this past weekend. We got the structure complete (close to 8 ft tall) and now I just need to work on the painting/detailing. We added a door to the back for storage of props and other items after Halloween...
  19. Static: Crow pillars -- DONE!

    Halloween Props
    Well, the last time I posted my pillars were about 95% done. Now they are 100% -- woohoo! :D
  20. Prop Showcase: Cemetery Pillars 2014

    Halloween Props
    Here's my pillars for this years haunt. Green light up skulls with red eyes. Will shine more green LED onto it as well. What do y'all think?