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  1. Static: Foldable coffin ??

    Halloween Props
    Work is about to get ugly for me so I need to start my decorative planning pretty quickly. I have limited storage room for any newer items so I am trying to make things as tiny as possible. As the title says, I am thinking about a foldable coffin. If I were to build one (not for actual human...
  2. Press break, anyone?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I'm in need of two pieces of aluminum, 18" x 4". Each needs two bends near one of its long dimension, at 7/16" and 13/16". So, basically a "J". The pieces will be used to rebuild the failing, wooden sides of a silverware drawer in the kitchen whose wood has been whittled away over the years...
  3. Rucus Studios Opportunity

    General Halloween
    i dunno how many know about Rucus Studios but he makes some absolutely beautiful Halloween art pieces that, unfortunately, are waaaay beyond my budget. However....he has a kickstarter going to raise money to print these beautiful Halloween cards if anyone is interested. I bought 2 decks...
  4. Coffin Coronary - by Death Lord

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    ​Partsman's Note: Here's another how-to from Death Lord enjoy There are lots of places to find how to make a toe pincher casket on the internet, but I couldn't find a single place on building authentic coffins. Above you can see that we have used the dimensions of an actual casket to place our...
  5. Local Spirit Halloween - Not So Much Spirit

    General Halloween
    I know the local Spirit Franchisees deal with alot of BS for a month and a half, but it's a shame they would just rather throw the displays away than make some extra $. Was in the store in the morning, bought some display animatronics and asked what they would do with the windmill, etc if they...
  6. Places to get free styrofoam

    General Halloween
    So most of us are always on the look out for free or really inexpensive material for making our props. I thought of several places where folks could possibly obtain free styrofoam big enough for tombstones, or building facades, or mausoleums, ...etc. Go and talk to your local stores that sell...
  7. Full Size Candy Bars?

    General Halloween
    Hi all!! My husband and I have been having this debate. Full size bars or fun size? I usually give out 3 pieces of the fun size stuff.......and who has a clue how much of it I eat. The way I see it based on 3 pieces plus my consumption it would be a wash money wise. What do you give out?
  8. Lighting: DIY Medievil Sconce

    Halloween Props
    I have always wanted to have "torches" for Halloween that looked like they were from medieval times. Believe me, I have looked but you can't buy them on Amazon. So this year I got enough motivation to try to make one myself. Unfortunately if you google "How to make a medieval sconce" you...
  9. Rest In Pieces Volume 8

    Halloween Music
    Hi. I thought I'd give it another shot, so Rest In Pieces Volume 8 is ready to go. 01 - Wade Denning & Kay Lande - Halloween 02 - Judy Garland - Purple People Eater 03 - Gene Moss - Drac the Knife 04 - Count Lorry and the Biters - Frankenstein Stomp 05 - Vampire State Building -...
  10. Love hate relationship

    General Halloween
    I am developing a love hate relationship with animatronics.. they charge all the money for them but seems some are crap and some have a little longevity to them but you may only get a few seasons from them. With no parts available you're left scrounging for a used one to pillage for parts at...
  11. Tombstone Corners from Dollar Tree

    General Halloween
    You know the Halloween village pieces? I'm trying to figure out how many years they did it (was it just 2014-2016?), and what pieces went to what years (pictures). I made a list of what I'm missing last year but without pictures...it's not helpful. I think I managed to find the pictures for...
  12. Static: My Unorthodox pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    Awhile ago I came across a photo of some pumpkins that had been carved from the bottom instead of the top and was lit from within with some pumpkin guts hanging down. Turns out they were done by one of the moderators on this site named UnOrthoDox. I loved the look and have decided to make a...
  13. Hello!

    Member Introduction
    I've been a Halloween fan since I could walk (like most people here I guess) along with horror movies, books, etc. I pleaded with my dad for years to let me open a haunt on our 30 acre farm back in the 80's but he had some reservations about me rigging my brothers and sister up on guide lines...
  14. Leatherface Human Flesh Butcher Apron - Question

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    * UPDATE - Leatherface Human Flesh Butcher Apron - Question Anybody have any experience making an apron that looks like a bunch of different human skin pieces sown together? I'm hoping to do it with relative low-expense, not using real leather necessarily. Thanks!
  15. Dollar Tree 2018

    General Halloween
    Another one I couldn't find so might as well start it. I went to a newly built DT yesterday hoping they might have a good chance at getting DVDs/Blu Rays vs the other DTs in my area (which never seem to get them in)...and they had a very VERY small stand near the front that had some of last...
  16. Static: Cardboard Spider pattern

    Halloween Props
    I made a spider pattern out of cardboard. I may have been trying to reinvent the wheel here but it was fun trying to figure it out and I like the way it looks so far. There are a lot of pics so I'll spread this over a few posts. I just freehanded some leg and joint shapes, cut them out and put...
  17. Haunt speaker design that should appeal to us as foamheads :)

    Halloween Props
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdkyGDqU7xA Found this interesting video of a relatively cheap speaker project that would allow us to incorporate speakers into pieces of scenery. Let me know what you think!! :) -Raven
  18. Giant Spider Build

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    After seeing tons of giant spider props on here that have been made, I decided that was going to be my big project for this year. Keeping in mind the help I got from other tutorials and pictures, I tried to remember to document my build to share with the forum. I'll post the build here, and...
  19. Rest In Pieces Volume 7

    Halloween Music
    Thanks to all who have made comments or liked any of the previous volumes. Here is number seven. Rest In Pieces Volume 7 01 - The Wonderland Singers And Accompaniment - Have A Happy Halloween 02 - The Swingin' Phillies - Frankensteins's Party 03 - Bobby Pickett & Peter Ferrara - King Kong...
  20. DIY Step On Pressure Sensing Sensor Trigger Mat Pad

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    *I believe it is 'relay' (gateway - open /close), not sensor. I bought a small 'Step Here' pressure pad that is widely available at all Halloween stores and websites. It worked for like 10 times (mostly testing) but then it eventually stopped dead. F*cking crap. I got angry and cut the dumb...