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  1. Atmosphere Effects: Zomie Fallout Shelter / Photo booth END RESULT

    Halloween Props
    I just wanted to share the end result of my Halloween project this year. The theme for our halloween party this year was Post Apocalyptic world. Every year, I build a prop for the front of my house, and this year I decided to build a "Decontamination Chamber". Our guests had to go through the...
  2. Pneumatic: My Spooky Skeleton

    Halloween Props
    Last minute spook I built before Halloween. Light On https://youtu.be/h4LwmZLnDHc [U]Light Off[/U] https://youtu.be/kCDNBWvAC_s
  3. Pneumatic: M. I. B. / Casket .... First stab at pneumatic controls

    Halloween Props
    Well here is my first stab at pneumatic controls. I rebuilt the casket this year. Removing the wiper motor, for a much more active and violent mib. Picoboo control, pistons, solenoid valves, some lights and a smoke machine. Love the picoboo plus ?? Enjoy. Let me know if I can improve...
  4. Prop Showcase: Darned Zombies on the power line again!

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, Happy Haunting! I finished my "Darned Zombie in the wires" last week and thought I would share my progress. After purchasing the Hanging Zombie from Spirit it hit me on the way home from the store that I needed to find a unique placement for the creature something I hadnt seen before...