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  1. General Halloween
    2015 -- 99 Cent Only Stores Decided to stop in and check out what 99 CENT ONLY STORE had in stock at this time of year. A few of the items were at the new price structure (.99, 1.29, 1.49--indicated in photo album). This jumped out at me as I walked one of the aisles, clearly hanging on since...
  2. Halloween Props
    Radio shack is closing stores in malls due to its bankruptcy, which means they are having huge sales! I picked up some arduino shields (2 SD card readers and 2 relay sheilds) for 4 bucks each! Breadboard for 4 bucks, 2 parallax basic stamp homework boards for 10 bucks! Soldering iron with...
  3. General Halloween
    I just picked up a new Twitch today but it did not have the power supply. Can some one tell me what the power supply rating is. Thank you
  4. General Halloween
    jo-anns halloween is 70% off picked up these cool items today
  5. Halloween Crafts
    Picked up a cute doll at the thrift store today,added a little paint (and a knife in her head,Black eyes,Brain sitting in her lap to munch on,cockroach in her hair.. ) and now she is my zombie dolly lol. Excuse the poor quality pics,my smart phone drowned to death and so I have an old fashioned...
  6. Halloween Props
    They're opening in MD! I picked up a couple of the green fire and ice spots. Very cool, but I'd recommend waiting for a coupon as they are $29 each. I also picked up a couple of the zombie squirrels for the Cheverly Hillbillies theme. They' re hysterical!
  7. General Halloween
    Just picked these up while at the beach.
21-28 of 28 Results