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  1. Static: What to do with garage doors?

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, I'm just wondering what you all do to cover your garage doors? Last year I bought photography back drops and taped them on, they were a huge hit, the parents loved taking photos of their kids in front of them. I am changing it up a little having bought new scenes for this year. I was...
  2. Halloween photography tips/discussion

    General Halloween
    I know we've talked about this several times across various threads, but I don't see a particular dedicated thread. So, what are your tricks to getting that great shot of your work?
  3. 2017 Family Zombie Photo - New to the group {{Hi everyone!}}

    Member Introduction
    New to the group! :) Halloween has ALWAYS been my favorite time of year. I wanted to say HI and share our annual Halloween card! This makes 9 years!!! Mailed out this morning! Looking forward to sharing some of my creations :)
  4. Modeling :)

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi! I am a member on Halloween Forum since 6 years and people here were always so nice to talk to so I thought I could share with you some news about me:). I started doing a little bit in modeling and really like it! I'm sharing pages if you would like to see pictures. Would be glad for any...
  5. Haunt Photography

    General Halloween
    I am new to this forum and new to being a home haunter as well. So I apologize if there is a thread about this already. I created a cemetery yard display with some nice lighting. I want to take some awesome photos of my display, but I'm struggling with the camera settings. (I'm no pro...
  6. How do I build a Halloween set?

    General Halloween
    I am creating a room to use for photography and video. I want the illusion of the background to look like a I am in the middle of a realistic looking zombie apocalypse that is outdoors. The completed pictures and video should have at least the illusion of being three-dimensional. I...
  7. The Haunting At Bell Hall 2014

    General Halloween
    2014 was an interesting Halloween. We had brief showers until 9:30 when heavy rain and wind came in. Unfortunately, I did not get as many photos as I would have liked. It started pouring as I was taking them. I have not quite gotten the hang of night photography yet. Thanks for looking...
  8. Halloween, Horror and Day of The Dead Artist and Shops Online

    General Halloween
    Support Independent and Small Artist and Shops please! List your favorites too ;) Here are some of my favorites: Heather Shade Photography, Arts, & Exploration https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heather-Shade-Photography-Arts-Exploration/218635568215 Kali Verra and Johnny Ace...
  9. Introducing a new Halloween/Horror Based Magazine

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Love Halloween? Love Horror Films? This magazine combines the best of both worlds! Things that go bump in the night are not just for Halloween anymore! Our premiere issue includes amazing Horror themed Photography and Visual Art. Filmmaker Interviews, Spooky Recipes, Craft Ideas, Scary Stories...
  10. Horror Photography: Joshua Hoffine

    General Halloween
    A friend of mine *just* linked me to this photographer's site. I'm already a fan. Horror Photography: Joshua Hoffine I LOVE the first image with the girl holding the baby in the kitchen and the crazy knife-wielding fellow 'round the corner. I couldn't help but think to myself-- now THAT would...
  11. Party Photo Backdrop Ideas Needed

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We are having a family Halloween party that will start with some craft projects for the kiddies while everyone is arriving, and I could use some ideas. One of the crafts will be a put-together Halloween picture frame from Oriental Trading. We will take pictures of the families and print-out the...