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  1. Inspiration: Real Tombstones in a Real Cemetery

    General Halloween
    Hiya fellow haunters, On a recent road trip, we stumbled upon a tiny, and very old, cemetery. I snapped a few photographs in hopes that fellow haunters may also glean inspiration. The older cemeteries have such unique typography, intricate symbols, interesting shapes, moss & lichen varieties...
  2. Halloween Highlights 2012

    General Halloween
    Since the 4th of July has come and gone (and now that it's officially Halloween season in my mind:)), I thought I'd finally post some photos from Halloween 2012. It was a fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas-themed year, complete with a Tim Burton Tree, life-sized Oogie Boogie, and detailed...
  3. My collection of insect photographs and videos

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Collection of insect videos and photographs I took over the last couple years. http://www.squidoo.com/collection-of-insect-videos-and-photographs