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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Has the phone and knife in his hand, Full figure. $250 Not going to ship now, no box. Located in Rochester NY. I am going to Atlantic City Monday............. Thanks Cory
  2. Halloween Props
    It's been a long time since I've posted here, but wanted to share my haunted truck from this year. It still could use a lot of improvement, but it was pretty popular. Sorry the sound isn't very good as it was recored on a phone. Also, the action doesn't really start until about 11 seconds in.
  3. General Halloween
    First found out about it from the BK app. Start today. The FIRST Nightmare King made at the BK today. Workers didn't know how to make it so they went outside and used their phone to snap a picture of the big poster promoting Nightmare King. (Buns is GREEN but camera can't seem to see it that...
  4. Halloween Props
    I need to be able to turn on a set of lights or light bulbs all at once with the help of an app on my phone. The setup will be in a tent outside. I will have access to one plug.. is there a product out there I can buy that will turn on the lights thru a phone app.. I already have one of the...
  5. For Sale By Merchants
    Hi, I'm a Mobile app developer in the UK. This year I decided to celebrate Halloween by publishing a Monster clock for my android phone that counts down the number of days to Halloween. You can check it out here if you have a Android phone or Tablet: Monster clocks for Halloween What do...
  6. General Halloween
    How does everyone get good pics of their haunts/displays when using extra lighting. I have decided to up my game this year and add blue floodlights in the front yard aimed at the house. I have tried with both my phone and my big cannon digital camera but I can't seem to get and good shots. It's...
  7. General Halloween
    There's time when we all just don't think. I'm sitting in a Hospital Emergency with my wife enjoying the forum when a link takes me to YouTube. As the video loads there's lots of loud screaming and my phone is on full blast. First the screaming is the video, then its my wife telling me to shut...
  8. Halloween Props
    Of course its not outside yet. Just testing the balance of the cars with the little pumpkin figures the wife bought. I wanted to sound the horns and engine noises for you guys but the phone also controls the trains so I couldn't do both. And I had to wait for everyone to be out of the...
  9. Wanted to Buy
    Hey guys does anyone know tlc102462 personally? They have a prop I really want bad but they haven't been on here for 2 years m. Does anyone know there phone number or anything????? Thanks
  10. Halloween Props
    Used as a prop for last year's marching band show. Looking for best offer. Come and pick it up. We're located in Columbus, Indiana. Phone 812-322-9212 Photos attached.
  11. Announcements / Press Releases
    ***** Come and Get it! ***** HAUNTCAST: POST MORTEM – “Verbal Diarrhea” is now slaying! Download for FREE at http://hauntcast.net , iTunes or Stitcher. HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: John Denley from Boneyard Productions BONE PHONE CALL: Jen Braverman from Transworld Haunt and Attraction Show MUSICAL...
  12. General Halloween
    Anyone else find the black on black text and background is hard to see ? Im on my phone and the forum is unreadable!!
  13. Halloween Props
    Here are some pictures of the guts of the box. Here is a Youtube clip of it in action https://youtu.be/HJfvcUYlurI https://youtu.be/HJfvcUYlurI The guts include a small air tank left over from an old air compressor, a fogger machine, 2 pneumatic cylinders, a cell phone, external speakers...
  14. Halloween Props
    With my impatience and Halloween approaching rapidly, are there any alternatives for digital downloads for a "hologram" projection image? I have found a few other cartoony type images, but nothing of the quality of AtmosFear.
  15. Member Introduction
    Having trouble posting pictures off my I phone. Help
  16. Halloween Props
    I got the most awesome prop today! It's called The Skeleton Phone! It looks like an old phone and when you click on one of the button-thingies it rings. You pick it up and it says..."I know who you are...", "I'm coming for you...", "I'll take you beyond the grave" or another bone-rattlingly...
  17. Paranormal and the Unexplained
    I have a strange experience that I wanna share with you, and I'd like you to help me out, please. You've probably read about my mom's restaurant on here before. It's Lizzy B's, (no, this is not an ad.) I'm the dishwasher there. Another guy, let's call him, "Joe," does the same job at night...
  18. Halloween Props
    I stumbled on this website they sell masks and t shirts that hold a cell phone in an eye socket that plays a moving eyeball around. Boy I went to so much trouble animating my talking skeletons eyeballs this would have been so simple. Looks like a mask costs around $50 and the app somehow comes...
  19. General Halloween
    Hey guys, I stopped by this cemetery on my way home today and did a quick little walkthrough to check out some old tombstones. I wish I had more time and more battery life on my phone. It was pretty awesome. Can't wait to go back again.
  20. Halloween Crafts
    Picked up a cute doll at the thrift store today,added a little paint (and a knife in her head,Black eyes,Brain sitting in her lap to munch on,cockroach in her hair.. ) and now she is my zombie dolly lol. Excuse the poor quality pics,my smart phone drowned to death and so I have an old fashioned...